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What are the purposes of Outcome Identification & Planning?
1. Provide individualized care
2. Promote patient participation
3. Plan care that is realistic, measurabl
4. Allow for involvement of support people
What activities are perfomed in outcome identification?
1. Establish priorities
2. Establish goals
3. Establish outcome criteria
What is outcome criteria?
(measurable, specific and realistic)
Who--the patient
Action verb-- "will state" will walk"
Condition/circumstances-- "low calorie foods"
Criteria-- "accuratley"
Timeframe-- "two days b4 discharge"
Ex: The patient will state (will say)list of low calorie foods accurately two days b4 discharge
What is Evidence of Step by Step process for planning care?
1. Sufficient data to substantiate diagn
2. @ least 1 goal for nurs. diagn
3. Outcome criter. id for each goal
4. Nursing intervention to meet each goal
5. Each intervention supp. by rationale
6. Eavaluation addresses whether goal was me and how goal was met
What are some purposes of the Nursing plan of care?
1. Direct care activities
2. Promote continuity of care by am & pm nurse so everyone follow same plan of action
3. Focus charting requirements
4. Allow for delegation of specific activities
What activities make up the plan of care?
Plan nursing interventions
Write nursing plan of care
What are the types of care plans?
Standardized plan of care
Generic Plan of care
Computerized plan of care