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Cardinal S/S of childhood cancer

-Fever s infection

-Persistent headache

-Fatigue / malaise

-Anorexia / unintentional weight loss



-Abdominal mass

-Extremity mass

Cardinal S/S of childhood cancer

-Purpura, petechiae, or bruising


-Changes in gait, balance, or personality


-Night sweats




-Weight loss

-Bone pain

-Incidence & frequency of fevers

-Recurrent infections





-Bone marrow analysis: suspected hematologic malignancies

-Tissue biopsy: suspected lymphomas & solid tumors


-CT scan


-PET scan

Surgery: indications

-Diagnostic biopsy: confirmation


-Debulking or partial resection

-Complete resection

-Debridement of necrotic tissue

-Relief of mechanical obstruction

-Symptom palliation by reduction of tumor burden without cure


-Kills cells that divide rapidly

-Effects: bone marrow, GI tract, hair follicles


-Target tumor for destruction while sparing surrounding tissues

-Side effect: erythema or skin irritation

Gene therapy

-Focus on changing / altering genetic code of tumor cell





-Monoclonal antibodies

Hematopoetic Growth Factors

-Stimulate growth of neutrophils & RBCs

Neutropenia: precautions

-Filtered bath & drinking water

-Hepa filter for room

-No fresh flowers

-Strict hand hygiene

-Visitors & staff screened for resp. infection

Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC)

= (% segs + % bands) x total WBCs

= (segs + bands) x WBCs x 10


Body Surface Area (BSA)

SQR* (ht [cm] x wt [kg]) / 3600*

Thrombocytopenia: precautions

-No rectal temps, probes, or meds

-No NGT insertion, injections, or accessing port unless OK'd

-No finger sticks unless OK'd

Typhlitis (neutropenic enterocolitis)

-Cancer emergency

-Invasion into bowel mucosa in neutropenic pt


-Cancer emergency

-Drug associated: L-asparaginase

-Vomiting, ABD pain, L-asparaginase admin

Tumor Lysis Syndrome

-Cancer emergency

-Increased risk: expect rapid response to tx

-First 12-24h after chemo

-Rapid lysis of tumor cells

-Release massive quantities of intracellular contents into systemic circulation (K+, Phosphate, nucleic acids)

-Prevention: aggressive IV hydration

TLS: manifestations





-Heart failure



-Muscle cramps, tetany

-Syncope -> sudden death

Leukemia: manifestations





-Bone / joint pain

-High WBCs


Leukemia: nursing care

-Signs of infection & bleeding: skin & mucosa

-Central line dressing changes

-Report fever 101.3 once or 100.4 over 1h

Brain tumor: manifestations


-Morning vomiting

Brain tumor: history

-Developmental milestones

-School performance

-Vision changes / loss

Brain tumor: potential deficits


-Extremity strength & movement

-Speech & language


-Vision & hearing

-Seizure potential


-Initial signs = sports injury or growing pains

-Most often during adolescent growth spurt

-Tibia, humerus, femur

Wilms tumor

-Renal tumor: one or both

-Asymptomatic, mobile ABD mass

-Must not be palpated: risk of rupture & spread of cancer cells

-Remove tumor & kidney