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PT with R/D JVD, crackles in all fields, tachycardic, hypertensive and tachypneic correct treatment?
O2, IV 30cc/hr, nitro sL, 40 mg lasix IV

(look for routes and doses)
Pt with CX pn, SOB, JVD and pedal edema, clear lungs?
Right sided CHF
primary treatment for severe anaphylaxis in an adult
0.3-0.5 mg of eppie 1:10,000 given IV

0.3-0.5 mg of eppie 1:1,000 SQ for mild cases
adult OD AOX4 refusing treatment?
contact medical direction
33 y/o F 9 months pregnant CC severe ABD pn and tenderness, no vaginal bleeding
abruptio placenta
S/S present in pregnant patient with pre-ecclampsia
HTN, headaches, edema, visual disturbances

appropriate range for the heart rate of a healthy neonate immediately after birth

slows to 130-140 within minutes
you would perform CX compressions on any newborn whose heart rate is less then ...
less then 60

or between 60 - 80 after 30sec PPV
medications and rugs are most often delivered to a newborn through the use of what circulatory vessel
umbilical vein

(brings blood to the infants heart)
appropriate treatment for lengthy febrile seizure postictal state
remove excess clothing
O2, IV

vital signs
-increased body temp
moral dilemma for paramedic?
Pt who has sustained a potentially serious head injury but refuses care or transport
pick up Pt from a MD office, he wants to stabilize
defer to on scene physician and take her to the hospital with you
type II ambulance
standard van with a raised roof
legal document that specifies what type of treatment a Pt does and does not want to receive?
advance directive
not a contraindication for syrup of ipecac?
use of activated charcoal within 10 minutes (both are ok to use)

-anti emetic OD
progression of dissecting aortic anyeurism?
stroke, pericardial tamponade, acute MI
pelvic injury cool diaphoretic, HR 134, BP 100/72 TX?

IV's KVO due to normal BP
what type of hepatitis can be transmitted via fecal oral route?
Hep A
vital signs in AMI?
vary greatly since they are related to the area and extent of cardiac damage
primary treatment for metabolic acidosis?
ventilating the PT adequately with O2
pulse ox of 88% with pt in acute respiratory distress?
severe hypoxia is below 90%
37 weeks pregnant, water breaks and contractions, vaginal exam reveals baby's foot present in the birth canal TX?
initiate immediate transport
triage officer, Pt hit head RR 40/m next action?
tag immediate
trachea trauma with Sub Q emphysema TX
airway management by the least invasive means
what is the first sign of laryngeal edema in a pt suffering anaphalaxis?
priorities for management of PT CHF do not include
reducing venous return to the heart

-increasing venous return
-decreasing myocardial O2 demand
-improving O2 and ventilation
inserting the tracheal tube when you begin to hear the sound of the Pt's breathing, you next action would be ...
wait for the PT to inhale and insert the tube further
TX for AAA after O2, IV, ECG, Rapid transport?

contraindications for mast pasg
-penetrating chest wound
52 y/o M ejected from car, apneic, slow pulse, how to best manage airway?
ventilate with BVM and O2
3 y/o unresponsive not breathing possible FBAO
perform abdominal thrusts (maybe too heavy for back blows and chest thrusts)
what indicates a PT with AMI is developing cardiogenic shock?
falling blood pressure
whhat is often the first sign of the onset of the development of a potentially lethal dysrhythmia in an MI Pt?
changing pulse rate
SOB after impact with steering wheel, breath sounds diminished on left, most probable condition?
simple pnuemo
some treatments for suspected MI Pts mask the elevated cardiac enzyme levels that are used to diagnose MI's, what should you not administer?
any drugs via IM route
most common complication of an AMI
onset of dysrhythmia