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When was Prohibition introduced?

January 1920
What was Prohibition?

The 18th amendment which made selling, trading or making alcohol illegal

What did people believe about Prohibition?

It was morally wrong

It is against gods will

It dominated society

How did Prohibition cause crime?

Gangs were competing to have control of the business.

People wanted alcohol and had to find away around it

How many murders to gang warfare lead to?
What are speakeasies?

Illegal drinking clubs with secret passwords at the front door

What was moonshine?

Home made alcohol

Who were rum runners and hijackers?

Rum runners were people who smuggled alcohol from Europe, Canada and Mexico

Hijackers stole smuggled alcohol

How did Prohibition lead to corruption?
Policemen, judges and politicians took bribes from gang members and were involved in trading
How did organised crime relate to this?
Al Capone, an Italian gang member made alcohol and earned $60 million a year
What would Al Capone do?
Intimidate voters and those who worked for the Law
What was Ku Klax Klan?
A white supremacist based in Southern states and did not want blacks to get any rights
How many members of KKK in 1925?
4 million
Who was the leader of KKK?
Imperial Wizard
What is lynching?
What would KKK do to blacks?
Beat, hang and rape black people and stopped them voting
What would KKK do?
Parades, marches and lit burning crosses
When was the Wall Street Crash?
What did the Wall Street crash cause
The Great Depression
How did the WSC affect the Nazi Party?
People started to think that the Weimar government couldn't sort out Germanys problesm
What did The Great Depression cause?
Unemployment, economic problems, extremist groups
How many people were unemployed by 1933?
6 million

When did Germanys biggest bank collapse?

What did this mean?


That Germany would have to pay back reparations which would lead to more problems

Did Germany solve any economic problems during The Great Depression?
No because the Weimar Government kept changing

Wall Street crashes

US stop giving loans = unemployment

July 1930...
Chancellor Bruning cuts government cuts, reduces wages and unemployment pay = Germans are angry
Article 48...
Allows the president to take emergency decisions without asking the Reichstag
July 1932...
Nazi party gets 230 seats and is the largest party
January 1933...
Hindenburg and Papen offered Hitler the position of Chancellor
How did the WSC affect Hitler being chancellor?

- Six million were unemployed

- Weimar Government was unstable = cannot sort out problems = Germans don't trust them

- Wages were cut = people were angry = voted for extremists

What happened between 1946 and 1954?

What was the USAs role?

France and Vietcong fought for Vietnams independance

USA supported France because they were scared of communism

What was the domino theory?
When one country becomes a communist country and those around it become the same

How was Vietnam split?

Who was who?

The north was communist and had NVA and Vietminh

The south was anti communist and had Vietcong and USA

Who was South Vietnams president?
The Gulf of Tonkin
The Gulf of Tonkin
When US ships were attacked by NV, this lead to an outbreak of war

125,000 US troops sent to Vietnam


500,000 US troops sent to Vietnam who used heavy bombing and chemical weapons

When was the Tet Offensive?
What was the Tet Offensive?

Face to Face on the street fighting between NVA and Vietcong.

US got victory

How did the defeat of France in the Vietnam war affect Vietnam?

Vietnam was split into two

There was an outbreak to war

How did the defeat of France in the Vietnam war affect USA?

Gulf of Tonkin

Tet Offensive = victory

How did media coverage change peoples opinion about war?

Media meant public could see what the war was actually like.

Some started to oppose the war

How was the Gulf of Tonkin exaggerated on the media?
There was no proof but it made out to sound a lot more serious
How did the US public feel after the My Lai incident
They were horrified and the anti-war feeling continued