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If a Notary refuses to notarize an affidavit presented for NY notary Mobile services. What is the potential maximum jail sentence?

One year

The notary certificate of a witness to the execution of a real estate conveyance is called a:

Proof certificate

Which of the following is in the requirements to become a Notary Public in New York?

No special education or common school level

If a Notary moves to another state but still works in NYS he/she:

Still is a qualified non-resident-resident

Which of the following are errors a notary can make that WILL NOT make the foregoing instrument get unrecorded?

A. If the Notary was purporting to be a notary but was not licensed.

B. If the Notary Public commission was expired

C. If a New York Notary notarizes in another state.

D. All of the above.

If your neighbor you know asks you to notarize an affidavit you must?

Administer an Oath & fill out the Jurat.

What is the name of the location where the Notary notarizes something?


Which of the following activities may a non-attorney Notary perform?

Administer an oath of office for a military officer.

What is the County Clerk Fee for a certificate of Official Character?


Which of the following acts can be performed by a Notary Public on Sunday?


What is every instrument in writing, except a will that transfers real estate interests?


Latin name for the words, "Sworn to be me this ____ day of _____".


What is a New York State Notary Public conflict of interest?

Legal Consideration

A deponent is?

Someone ordered to a hearing out of court called a deposition.

What is the notary fee for a protest of non-payment?

.75 cents for the first one and .10 cents thereafter limit of 5

What is the name of what a Notary places below the Notary signature?

Statement of Authority

Who approves the appointment of a Notary Public?

Secretary of State

What is the fee for changing name for marriage purposes and updating the State?

Free for anyone changing names for marriage purposes.

Who must be with a bank employee to witness the terminated lease opening of an abandoned safety deposit box?

A Notary Public

Who can translate a deed into another language to be filed in a NY County Clerk?

Translator with certificate of designation by the county judge.

What can happen to a notary for doing something illegal or with malfeasance?

A- Can be summed to a NYS tribunal hearing for license revocation.

B-Can go to criminal court as a defendant

C-Can be sued for $ damages in Civil court

D- All of the Above

What do the two witnesses to a will sign?

Attestation clauses

What is a Chattel?

Personal property such as household goods or fixtures.

Who issues certificates involved in various Notary Public procedures?

A-The county clerks office.

B-The Secretary of State's offices

C-The Notary Public

D-All of the above

What is an Executor?

The one named in the will to carry out the provisions of a will.

What is the fee charged to a person for an affidavit at the County Clerk's Office?

$2.00 for each original signature witnessed

What is the maximum jail sentence for a class D Felony?

Seven years

What is the maximum sentence for class A misdemeanors?

1 year

What is the maximum sentence for class E felony?

Four years

What is the mandatory sentence for a Class D felony convictions?

3 years

What is the sentence for Class 2X felonies?

There is no 2X felony

What is an Apostle?

Something certified for international use

Where is the Notary Public Law located?

The Public Officer's Law aka Notary Public License Law

What was completed by a County Clerk when issuing an, "Authentication Certificate" and charging a $3 fee?

Verified the Notary Public signature is authentic

Which of the following is, "Professional Misconduct"?

A-When a Notary does something while aware it is not procedurally correct.

B-Notarizing with a fake ID.

D- Both A & B

Which of the following people can hold the office of Notary Public?

A convicted felon

Can a Notary who is also an officer of corporation notarize for her own corp?

B-Yes for employees and even fellow corporate officers

C-Yes but only if she is not a party to the instrument individually or as a Co. Rep.

D- B& C above are both correct.

Who has some limited rights to practice law as a non-attorney?

A- Law students after 2 semesters and have not failed bar exam 2 times.

B- Prevention of cruelty officers.

C- You practicing law for yourself only

D- All of the above.

What is requires for an indictment for perjury on an affidavit?

Affiant saying "I do" or words of like meaning after the oath is read.

What is "Latches"?

The delay or negligence in asserting one's rights in court.