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scientists have been exploring the use of protists to produce


Biodiesel is a?


Biodiesel is made mostly of?

living organisms

a type of scientific investigation that tests how one variable affects another variable is?

controlled experiement

Who invented the diesel engine?

Rudolph Diesel

Food crops can be replaced with what kind of crops?

oil rich crops

Why is using fuel crops not a good idea?

because there is a shortage of food in many parts of the world

the Aquatic Species Program initially studied ways that micro algae could capture excess ______________ in the air


ASP project leaders noticed that some micro algae strains produced amounts of what


Micorscopic organisms that live in marine or freshwater environments are called ?


During _______________ micro algae produce __________ that can be converted into biodiesel

photosynthesis, oil

starving mucilage of nutrients, such as nitrogen, increases the amount of


starving the micro algae also caused their size to do what

become smaller

Growing micro algae in open ______________ can be challenging and expensive


some researchers are now growing algae under controlled conditions in closed glass containers called ?


Dr. Richard Sayre said that all ASP research was based on forming ?


accourding to Dr. Sayre to get research support, a scientist has to develop and propose _____?

deelop a question, and propose a strategy

micro algae use what to make sugar

light energy, water, and carbon dioxide

scientist from biofuel company wondered whether micro algae oil yields ______________ by distributing light to all micoalgae


researchers used __________ to feed artificial light to micro algae in a ____________

light rods, bioreactor

what continuously rotate micro algae to the surface so the organisms are exposed to more lights

paddle wheels

power plants that burn ___________ release carbon dioxide in the _____________

fossil fuel, atmosphere

when fossil fuel is released in the atmosphere, it contributes to

global warming

micro algae use carbon dioxide during ________


the cost of growing micro algae are currently too high to compete with _____________

petroleum based diesel

____________ based biodiesel might one day become affordable reality in the US