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- N S

- N R

- A P

- N H A H

- Not superior

- Not remarkable

- Almost pretty

- Nothing heroic about her

Chapter 1

- T B T A B A C E O A S A.

- S C N R T I O I

- To be torn asunder by any common effort

- She could not relieve the irksomeness of imprisonment

Chapter 2
A! I T H O O N B N P B T H O A, F W C S E P A R
Alas! If the heroine of one novel be not patronised by the heroine of another, from whom can she expect protection and regard?

Chapter 5
C W T L T T L O A R, R A F I O T P O U, L F A W C O D A D

Catherine was then left to the luxury of a raised, restless and frightened imagination over the pages of Udolpho, lost from all worldly concerns of dressing and dinner.

Chapter 7
H W M T D W H A, T I T H I I A I T, A E A T R.

He wants me to dance with him again, though I tell him it is an improper thing, and entirely against the rules.

Chapter 8

- H F W Y E T F O Y A?

- O M T, H F! - T I J L A B!