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Anterior Fontanel

Soft, flat, diamond shaped 5cm wide x 2-3 cm long

Closes between 12-18 months

Posterior Fontanel

Triangular, 0.5-1.0 cm wide, located between the occipital and parietal bones

Closes between 2-3 months

APGAR heart rate

0 - absent

1 - <100 beats/minute

2 - >100 beats/minute

APGAR respiratory rate

0 - absent

1 - slow, irregular, weak cry

2 - good, vigorous cry

APGAR muscle tone

0 - flaccid, limp

1 - minimal flexion of the extremities

2 - good flexion, active motion

APGAR reflex irritability

0 - no response

1 - minimal response to suction or slap on the soles

2 - responds promptly with a cry or active movement

APGAR skin color

0 - pallor or cyanosis

1 - body color normal, blue extremities

2 - body and extremities normal color

Newborn VS

HR 100-160 apical

RR 30-60

T 96.8-99F (36-37.2C)

BP 73/55mmHg

Newborn Body Measurements

Length: 45-55 cm (18-22 in)

Weight: 2500-4300g (5.5-9.5lbs)

Head : 33-35cm (13.2-14in)