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Is it possible to have both Mac and Windows Operating system on one computer?
1- What company makes Windows Operating systems?

2- What company makes Macintosh Operating systems?
1- Microsoft

2- Apple
What company manufactures Pentium processors?
What is HTML most widely used for?
What is bandwidth?
Bandwidth is the amount of information that can be moved in a fixed amount of time. Usually measured Kb/second.
What is a Fiber Optic Cable?
Flexible glass and plastic that transmits data via photons or light. Expensive, but capable of transmitting data without interference over great distances.
What is a network?
A group of computers and other devices that are linked together to share data, internet connection, printers, scanners and other system resources.
What is protocol?
A set of rules governing the transfer of information between computers.
What is resolution?
Screen Image Quality. The measure of the number of pixels (horizontal and vertical) that display on a computer screen.