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If you cannot reproduce symptoms of a problem, what might you suspect as the cause of the problem?
User Error
Which address number is refered to as the "LOOPBACK" address?
What is another term for the address
Broadcast address
Protocols that can span more than one LAN segment are called what?
What protocol is used to transmit and receive messages to and from Newsgroups?

TCP/IP is a ROUTABLE protocol.
What is the primary advantage to using sockets?
They enable clients and servers to communicate more expeditiously.
What are the seven layers of the OSI model?
Data Link
To which layer of the OSI model do repeaters belong?
Layer 1
A network that uses more than one protocol is called what?
If you know your boss's TCP/IP host name is JSMITH, and you need to find out what her IP address is, what command should you type at your DOS prompt?
What functions does the Network layer of the OSI model provide?
Tranlates network addresses into their physical counterparts.

Performs Routing. Decides how to route data from sender to receiver.

Performs Segmentation and Reassembly
What is SMTP's primary function?
Transport mail from one host to another.
What functions are provided at the Transport Layer of the OSI model?
Ensures data transfered reliably, in correct sequence and without errors from point A to point B.

Handles flow control, gauging the appropriate rate of transmission based on how fast the recipient can accept data.

Breaks long packets into the maximum size that the type of network in use can handle.

Performs sequencing.

Sends Acknowledgement (ACK) to notify sender that data were received correctly.

If data contained errors, requests sender to retransmit.

If data not acknowledged in a given time period, the senders Transport layer would consider the data lost and would retransmit it.

TCP and SPX operate in the Transport layer.
What kind of tool would you use to verify that your new cable meets CAT5 standards?
A Cable tester
What functions are provided by the Presentation layer of the OSI model?
Serves as translator between the application and network.

Formats data in a manner the network can understand. (this varies with the type of network used)

Also manages data encryption /decryption (such as scrambling passwords)

Codes and decodes graphics and file format information.
Describe Packet Switching.
Data is broken into packets that can travel any path on the network to their destinations because each packet contains the desitnation address and sequence information.
OK smart guy. Which layer of the OSI model establishes the rules of communication between two nodes? Huh?
YOU ARE RIGHT! It's the SESSION layer!
True or False:

IMAP4 can work without SMTP
What part of the MAC address is unique to each vendor?
10Base2 is otherwise known as what?
What are the sub-layers of the DATALINK layer as defined in the IEEE 802 standard?
Name two advantages of using a sniffer over using NetMon or LANalyzer.
Network analyzers such as a sniffer are mobile, so they can be moved from one segment (or network) to another, and they do not depend on another operating system, so they can pick up error data that other operating systems might discard.
Which layer in the TCP/IP model roughly corresponds to the Physical and Data Link Layers of the OSI model?
If a user reports that he receives an error message each time he attempts to access a networked drive, what would you suggest he do to document the problem?
Press the keystroke combination to print the error message, then bring the printout to you.
True or False:

A single frame type can support only one kind of protocol?
FALSE. Several kinds of PROTOCOLS can be used over a single frame type.
When a client needs to obtain an IP address from a DHCP server, what kind of transmission does it send?
Broadcast UDP
What technique is used to break large TCP/IP networks into smaller logical segments?
In total, how many packets are exchanged in the process of a client requesting and obtaining an IP address from a DHCP server?
Four packets:

D discover
O offer
R request use of oofer
A Acknowledge (by DHCP server)
What is the alternative to manually configuring each workstation on a network with its own IP address?
With what operating system does NetMon work?
Windows NT
What kind of network operating system requires IPX/SPX?
NetWare version 3.2 or lower.
Where does mail go after it is retrieved by an e-mail program that uses POP?
To the user's mail directory on the client workstation.
Why are hosts on TCP/IP networks assigned Host Names?
Primarily so that humans can contact those hosts without knowing their IP addresses.
Which of the following is a characteristic symptom of a gateway failure?

a. All workstations on a segment are unable to perform networked functions at all.

b. All workstations on a segment lose their IP addresses.

c. All workstations on a segment are intermittently prevented from connecting to the network.

d. Only one workstation is unable to log into the network.
a. All workstations on a segment are unable to perform networked functions at all.
On a Windows 95 workstation, how would you find your computer's NetBIOS name?
View Network Neighborhood properties, select Identification and note the computer name.
The twists in twisted pair wire help to reduce what?
How many layers does the TCP/IP suite of protocols have?
FOUR layers:

Network Interface
What command might you use to find out whether your ISP's router is especially slow on a particular afternoon?
Traceroute (Tracert)
How can weak Analog signals be strengthened?
What does CSMA/CD stand for?
Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection.
What utility could you use to troubleshoot a TCP/IP connection problem?
What is the most ubiquitous ethernet cabling system in use today?
How does the number of devices attached to a network affect attenuation?
The more devices on a network, the more attenuation.
True or False:

Bridges can forward only TCP/IP or IPX/SPX packets.

Bridges can forward any kind of packets because they are protocol independent
How can weak Digital signals be strengthened?
Why can't routers forward packets as quickly as bridges can?
Routers operate at Layer 3 of the OSI model and therefore take time to interpret logical addressing information.
How does noise on a wire affect throughput?
The more noise, the lower the throughput.
How many 64Kbps channels does a single T1 carry?
What is the term that refers to the outer covering of a cable?
Which of the following frequently causes negative Frame Sequence Checks?

a. Excessive nodes on a network

b. Incorrect protocol configuration.

c. Excessive segment length

d. Noise
d. Noise
Why has Twisted Pair replaced Thinnet cable on most networks?
Twisted Pair is less expensive.
In CSMA/CD, what does a NIC do prior to transmitting?
It listens to make sure no one else is transmitting.
What type of resistor must be at either terminating end of a Thicknet or Thinnet cable?
A 50 ohm terminator.
In CSMA/CD, if a NIC detects a collision, what does it do?
Starts JAMMING to propogate the collision. This will ensure that no other stations attempt to transmit
How does noise affect a Digital signal?
Noise DISTORTS the signal.
True or False:

Each node on a TCP/IP network has only one default gateway?
What is the maximum throughput currently supported by CAT5 wiring?
If a client workstation's IP address is, AND the network administrator is using subnetting, which of the following is probably the workstation's subnet mask?
How many wire pairs are in a typical CAT5 cable?
4 pairs.
What is the function of a hub's "uplink" port?
To connect it to another hub.
What type of Fiber Optic cable is more frequently found on LAN's?
Multi-mode (because the cost of single mode is prohibitive).
What tool can help you determine whether your thinnet connection has the proper amount of impedance at each end?
A cable tester
What kind of topology is required by Thinnet or Thicknet cabling?
What is the maximum segment length for UTP?
100 meters or 328 feet.
Why is Fiber Optic cable more secure than copper-based wiring?
It does not carry current and is therefore more difficult to tap.
Under what troubleshooting circumstances should you try swapping equipment?
When you suspect that a problem is due to a component malfunctioning of failing, you should try swapping it with an identical known good one.
What is the maximum allowable distance for a horizontal wiring subsystem?
100 meters.
If you purchase a new Pentium desktop computer today, what kind of bus-adapter NIC is it likely to require?
In what subsystem of a structured cabling design are patch cables used?
How can you view a list of FTP commands once you have connected to an FTP server?
Which layer of TCP/IP is equivalent to the NETWORK layer of the OSI model?
The INTERNET layer
When configuring a PCI NIC that you have just installed on a desktop computer, where should you change the IRQ number?
In the CMOS utility.
Are you sure you want to keep answering these stupid questions??
Which IRQ numbers could you probably assign to a NIC without causing a conflict with other devices?
In which layer of the OSI model do switches and bridges belong?
The DATALINK layer.
Which of the following is an example of a network change that could cause a group of workstations to lose connectivity to one file server?

a. The dedicated line to the Internet fails.

b. One of the server's two NIC cards fails.

c. The server is renamed.

d. The server's backup device fails.
c. The server is renamed.
In which layer of the OSI model do ROUTERS belong?
The NETWORK layer.
Answering which of the following questions may help you identify the demographic scope of a problem?

a. When did the problem first occur?

b. How frequently does the problem occur?

c. Are the cables properly inserted into the hub, wall jack and NIC?

d. Do symptoms appear on all workstations in one department?
d. Do symptoms appear on all workstations in one department?
Which standards organization developed the OSI model?
If you wanted to determine the average daily traffic on your network's backbone, what type of tool would you use?
A network monitor.
Which TCP/IP utility might you use to connect to a UNIX host from your PC over the network?
Which of the following frequently causes jabber?

a. Noise

b. Too many margaritas

c. Faulty NIC

d. Faulty cabling

e. Both b and c
e. Both b and c
What is the function of ARP?
ARP obtains the MAC address of a host, and then maps the MAC address to the host's IP address.
100BaseT is otherwise known as what?
Fast Ethernet
Why wouldn't you use NetBIOS for Internet connections?
It is not ROUTABLE.
True or False:

When troubleshooting a network problem, it's a good policy to try the obvious solution first.
What kind of network operating system requires IPX/SPX?
NetWare version 3.2 or lower.
What kind of hub introduces a single point of failure into a network design?
A standalone hub.
the node address portion of an IPX/SPX address is equivalent to what other address?
MAC address.
EIGRP is a routing protocol that was developed by what company?
which IPX/SPX core protocol provides data reliability services?
True or False:

The LANalyzer agent can help you determine when network traffic exceeds 50%.
What is POP?
Post Office Protocol.
In cut-through switching, what frame field does the switch never read?
The FCS (frame check sequence) field.
In which TWO layers of the OSI model do NIC cards operate?
NIC cards operate in BOTH the PHYSICAL and DATALINK layers.
Describe the functions provided by the Session layer of the OSI model.
Responsible for establishing and maintaining communication between two nodes on the network.

Syncronizes the dialog between the two nodes.

Determines whether communications have been cut-off and, if so, figures out where to restart transmission.

Often called the "Traffic Cop"
Which technology is standardized in the IEEE 802.5 specification?
Token Ring LAN's
At which layers of the OSI model do gateways function.
At ALL layers.
Which Technology is standardized in the IEEE 802.3 specification?
Ethernet LAN's
True or False:

You can typically use the same sniffer for your Tolken Ring and ATM networks.
What is SMTP?
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Responsible for moving messages from one e-mail server to another over the internet and other TCP/IP-based networks.
One T3 is equivalent to how many T1's
What is FTP?
File Transfer Protocol. Used to send and receive files via TCP/IP.
How many bits are there in an IP address?
32 bits
What is Telnet?
A terminal emulation protocol used to log on to remote hosts using TCP/IP. Often used to connect two dissimilar systems such as PC's and UNIX.
True or False:

You can only install one NIC in a computer?
What is ICMP?
Internet Control Message Protocol. Notifies the SENDER when something goes wrong in the transmission process and the packets are not delivered. Resides in the INTERNET layer of TCP/IP.
What is the function of an
E-mail gateway?
It translates e-mail from one type of e-mail software package to another.
What is ARP?
Adress Resolution Protocol. It obtains the MAC (Physical) address of a host, or node, then creates a local database that maps the MAC address to the host's IP (Logical) address. It resides in the INTERNET layer of TCP/IP.
Which type of switching is more appropriate for heavily trafficked networks?
Store and Forward switching.
What is the purpose of a TOKEN in a token-passing network?
The TOKEN indicates to the rest of the network that one node has the right to transmit data.
Which part of the network should you examine if a network problem affects a single workstation?
The workstation's NIC and cabling.
What three things are necessary to have a network?
1. Something to share.

2. Protocols

3. A pathway
At what layer of the OSI model do bridges function?
Layer 2, the Data Link layer.
What is a MAN?
Metropolitan Area Network.
Although DHCP enables users to move their machines from one location to another on the network without having to reconfigure TCP/IP settings, what might a user have to do once she has moved to a new part of the network so as to use TCP/IP applications?
Release and renew her IP address.
What is a NODE?
Any computer or other device connected to a network.
Which international standards organization is part of the United Nations?
ITU - International Telecommunications Union
If you are designing a network that cannot tolerate any down time, what kind of hub might you suggest using?
A modular hub becuase you can equip it with redundant components.
What is Topology?
The physical layout of a computer network.
What functions can both network monitors and network analyzers perform?
Capture and analyze data travelling from one node to another
What is the main difference between LAN's and WAN's?
The distance they span.
Why are Sonet networks considered "self-healing"?
Sonet networks are made up of two rings, a primary and a secondary. If the primary is severed, the technology automatically re-routes traffic to the secondary ring.
What are Protocols?
The rules that a network uses to transfer data.
True or False:

An organization may use only one name server.
Define Client.
A computer on the network that requests resources or services from another computer on the network. (May also refer to the user of a client workstation on the network).
How do bridges keep track of whether to forward or filter packets?
By maintaining a filtering database that identifies which packets to filter and which to forward based on their destination address.
What is a File Server?
A computer that runs the network operating system and enables workstations connected to the network to share resources.
Describe Baseband transmission.
Digital pulses are sent using DC current pulses applied to the wire. Uses all of the wires capacity so can only transmit one signal or channel at a time.
What is UDP?
User Datagram Protocol. It is a connectionless transport service. It resides in the Transport layer of TCP/IP.
Which top-level domain would the U.S. Congressional offices use?
What does OSI model stand for?
Open Systems Interconnection Model.
What is the maximum throughput supported by X.25?
What functions are provided at the Data Link layer of the OSI model?
Primary function is to divide data into FRAMES.

Connectivity devices such as bridges and switches work in the Data Link layer.
Which of the following symptoms probably points to a physical connectivity problem?

a. A group of users consistently experiences delays.

b. A user always loses her drive mappings to file server directories.

c. a group of users complain that they cannot log on to the network.

d. A user can send e-mail but can't pick it up.
c. a group of users complain that they cannot log on to the network.
What is TCP?
Transmission Control Protocol.
What kind of transmission media does FDDI use?
Fiber-optic cable.
What kind of topology is susceptible to signal bounce?
What does PPP stand for?
Point to Point Protocol
To which class of network would the following address belong:
Class B
How do switches affect network analyzers?
They limit the amount of the traffic a network analyzer can capture. You only get to see broadcast packets and packets destined for the node where you are running the software becuase they are the only packets that will be travel through a switched enviroment.
Generating and detecting voltage so as to transmit and receive signals is the responsibility of which OSI model layer?
The PHYSICAL layer.
Why would a network manager choose to subdivide her TCP/IP networks into subnets?
To use a limited number of IP addresses more efficiently.
TCP belongs to what layer of the TCP/IP protocol suite?
The TRANSPORT layer.
What are the two parts of an IP address?
Network and Host.
To which layer of the TCP/IP model does the IP protocol belong?
The IP protocol belongs to the INTERNET layer of TCP/IP
How many octets are there in an IP address?
4 octets
What command would you type on a Windows 95 workstation to view your current IP information?
In a class B IP address using the subnet, how many bits are available for the host address?
8 bits.
What protocol can assign IP address automatically?
DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
What is a MIB?
Management information Base
If you use a password to log in to your Microsoft Exchange program, which layer of the OSI model would decode your password?
What kind of public links do most dial-up LAN connections use?
Which layer of the OSI model provides file transfer services?
The Application Layer!!
What TCP/IP command can you use to see if a workstation's TCP/IP stack is working properly?
What is IPX?
Internetwork Packet Exchange. Operates at the Network layer of the OSI model.
What part of the TIA/EIA structured cabling recommendations provides connectivity to a telecommunications service provider?
Entrance Facilities.
What command would you type to view your current IP address from a workstation running WindowsNT?
What would be the dotted decimal address for the binary IP address:
To which layer of the TCP/IP model does the TCP protocol belong?
The TCP protocol belongs to the TRANSPORT layer of TCP/IP.
What is subnetting?
The process of subdividing a single class of network into multiple, smaller networks.
Is IPX a connectionless or connection-oriened protocol?
What is the significant disadvantage to using BOOTP?
Its tables must be updated manually.
What characteristics make a protocol routable?
Network layer and addressing information that can be interpreted by a router.
If you don't have a manual for your 3Com NIC, how can you find out if it supports promiscuous mode?
Look it up on 3Com's web site.
What protocol suite is used to interconnect Macintosh computers?
How many octets are used for the network portion of a class B IP address?
How do intelligent hubs differ from passive hubs?
Intelligent hubs can provide network management information.
What organization represents the United States in ISO?
ANSI - American National Standards Institute.
Which two ports are used in FTP transmission?
Ports 20 and 21
Which layer of the OSI model handles error checking and re-transmission of bad data?
The Transport layer.
What is the default subnet mask for a class A network?
True or False:

One frame type will not interact with another frame type on the network.
TRUE. Only LIKE frame types can interact on a network.
What format do Network layer or Logical addresses use?
A Hierarchial format.
How many protocols can you install on a single Windows 95 workstation?
As many as you want.
What is the origin of the word "modem"?
Why might you need Plenum rated cable?
To guard wiring from excessive heat and fire damage.
In general, what type of cabling can sustain the most bending without impairing transmission?
UTP - Unshielded Twisted Pair
What is the maximum amount of insulation you should strip from copper wires before inserting them into connectors?
1 inch.
What is the maximum amount you should untwist twisted-pair wires before inserting them into connectors?
1/2 inch.
What are the two types of Infared transmission?
Direct and Indirect.
What network transport model relies most often on a star-wired bus topology?
How do workstations in a ring topology negotiate their data transmissions?
By using Tokens.
What type of network backbone is most relaible?
What type of network backbone has the simplest structure?
The Internet is an example of what type of WAN topology?
Another term for "network transport model" (for example, Ethernet) is what?
Logical Topology.
Why is Packet Switching more efficient than circuit switching?
Becuase in packet switching, packets can take the quickest route between nodes and arrive independent of when other packets in their data stream arrive.
How do 10Base-2 and 10Base-5 Ethernet networks differ?
10Base-2 uses thin coaxial cabling.

10Base-5 uses thick coaxial cabling.
What type of connectors do 10Base-T networks use at the end of their data cables?
RJ45 connectors.
What type of cabling is typically used for 1 Gigabit Ethernet?
What is unusual about 100Base-VG?
It uses a Demand-Priority access method.
What fields do all Ethernet frame types have in common?
What is the purpose of the PAD field in an Ethernet frame?
To ensure that the data portion of the frame totals at least 46 bytes.
What is the purpose of the Frame Check Sequence field in an Ethernet frame?
To ensure that data is received without errors at the destination node.
What are the minimum and maximum sizes for an Ethernet frame?
64 and 1518 bytes.
What is the name of a hub used on a Token Ring network?
MAU - Multistation Access Unit
What are the transmission speeds for Token Ring?
4Mbps or 16Mbps.