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A double (or dual) flow turbine design is primarily meant to eliminate which of the following?

Axial thrust

Feedwater heaters are what type of hear exchangers?


Temperature at the inlet to the low pressure feedwater heaters should not be any higher than what temperature?

130 degrees

Which system or component does not feed the Aux Steam System?

Turbine Steam

A compounded turbine means:

Steam exits the high pressure turbine before entering the low pressure turbines.

Feedwater pumps are located after which component?

Low pressure feedwater heater

The disk of this type of valve permits a gradual change in the area of the opening when operated which allows for precise throttling?


What type of heat exchanger uses the same fluid as the cooling fluid and the cooled fluid?


When compared to a deep bed demineralizer, what is a potential disadvantage of a powdered resin filter demineralizer?