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Involved in voluntary and involuntary actions within the body

Nervous System

Contains brain and spinal cord

Central Nervous System

Involved in processing incoming info and organizes/determines motor outputs

Central Nervous System

Carries info into (CNS)

Peripheral Nervous System

Takes away motor command out of CNS and into periphery

Peripheral Nervous System

Involved in communication of info, processing incoming sensory info and initiating changes in body


3 different types of neurons

1. Afferent

2. Interneurons

3. Efferent

Carries info into CNS

Afferent neurons

Neurons completely contained with CNS and processes info


Takes info away from CNS

Efferent neurons

Structure of a neuron

1. Dendrites

2. Soma

3. Axon

4. Axon hillcock

5. Axon terminal

- thin cell

- process where info enters cell


- Contains standard cell components e.g organelles


Place where glycolysis and protein synthesis takes place


-long projections

-quickly moves info from one end of cell to other


Important in initiating fast conduction of info down length of axon

Axon hillcock

Where info leaves cell and influences whatever cell is next in line

Axon terminal

Used by neurons to move items from axon terminal to soma


Motor proteins use microtubules to shuttle various items

Cytoskeletal transport

-provide structural support for axon and "roads" for intercellular transport

- run down length of axon


2 types of transport

Anterograde and Retrograde

Items moving away from soma are carried by motor proteins down cytoskeletal elements

Anterograde Transport

Items moving toward soma carried by motor proteins

Retrograde Transport

Insulate axons by wrapping in rich cellular projections

Myelinating cells

Myelinating axons in (PNS)

Schwann Cells

2 types of transport

Anterograde and Retrograde

-provide support for neurons and help effectively do their job

-found in Nervous System

Glial cells

Insulate axons by wrapping in rich cellular projections

Myelinating cells

Myelinating cells in (CNS)


2 types of myelinating cells

Oligodendrocytes and Schwann cells

-help provide proper nutrition and waste clearance for neurons

-help provide proper extra cellular fluid ion concentrations


-help clear cellular debris and degrade damaged neurons

-immune like cells found in Nervous System