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What is the formula for calculating target range?
elapsed time
12.36 seconds per
nautical mile
What is the formula for calculating minimum range of a radar system?
(pulse width + recovery time) x 164 yards/microsecond
What factors influence the maximum range of a radar?
carrier frequency, peak power, pulse-repetition frequency, and receiver sensitivity
What is pulse repetition time?
The time between the beginning of one pulse and the beginning of the next pulse (prt = 1/prf)
What is the formula for calculating the max range of a radar?
162,000 mile/second
-------------------- x prt
What is the duty cycle of a radar system?
The ratio of transmitter time on to time off (product of pw and prf)
What is range resolution?
The ability to distinguish between two or more targets on the same bearing (pw x 164 yards per microsecond)
What main component of a radar system supplies timing signals to coordinate the operation of the entire system?
What are the basic requirements of a synchronizer?
Free running, stable in frequency, and frequency variable (in steps)
What component of a radar controls the pulse, width, and amplitude?
What is the main function of the duplexer?
Isolation of the receiver during transmission
What type of transmitter amplifies a low-level to the desired power level using a series of microwave amplifiers such as traveling-wave tubes or klystrons?
Power-amplifier transmitter
What type of generators produce a movable gate that measures range based on elapsed time and can be used on A-scope and ppi displays?
Range-gate generators
When testing with an echo box, what does ring time represent?
Gives a relative indication of both transmitter output power and receiver sensitivity.
What is TR recovery time?
The time required for the TR tube to deionize after each transmitted pulse