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fluid of choice for hypovolemic shock
normal saline
use of PTCA is:
dilate obstucted cornary artery with inflated ballon catheter
clinet w/ mitral stenosis=

(narrow valve BT LV and atrium)

also has dyspnea r/t:
fluid in lungs
blunt chest trauma equals damage to
RV B/C its behind sternum
clt: how long till heparin works?
immediately with IV/does not dissolve clots it keeps them from getting larger
after MI nurse expects to hear
position of clinet after vein ligation/stripping
supine/legs elvated 15 degree
heparin therapy: therapuetic aPTT level
60-80 secs
pulmonary edema outcome
conserve strength
right sided conjestive heart failure main S/S
peripheral edema
S/S of cardiogenic shock
low blood pressure
S/S of digoxin toxicity
N/V and bradycardia ;less 60
primary hypertension
no identifiable cause
S/S of pericarditis:
after /MI 24 hrs ago
look for:
ventricular dysrhytmias