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An atom or group of atoms that has gained one or more electrons and has a negative charge


An atom or group of atoms that has lost one or more electrons and therefore has a positive charge

Bond angle

The angle formed by three adjacent atoms in a molecule


The ability of a substance to transmit electrical current or heat

Covalent Bond

A strong chemical bond formed when a pair of electrons is shared between 2 atoms


Positive and negative charges across a covalent bond or a molecule caused by a difference in electronegativity between atoms


The measure of an atoms ability to attract electrons in a chemical bond

Electrostatic attraction

The force that acts between particles with an opposite electrical charge


Absorbs heat


Releases heat


A substance that does conduct electricity

Ionic bond

Chemical bond between positively charged cations and negatively charged anion

Ionic Lattice

Ordered arrangement of ions in three dimensions

Lewis diagram

Show the bonding between atoms in a molecule and any lone pairs of electrons that may exist around the atoms

Lone Pair

Pair of valence electrons that aren't involved with bonding

Melting point

The point at which a substance changes from a solid state to a liquid state

Molecular Shape

The orientation in space of the atoms that make up a molecules


A group of atoms bonded together by covalent bond forming a discrete particle

Polar Covalent Bond

Bond formed by the uneven sharing of valence electrons between atoms

Region of negative charge

A region of space around an atom occupied by electrons


The property of a substance describing its ability to form solutions when mixed with a solvent

Thermochemical equation

A chemical equation showing a defined amount of energy being either absorbed or released

Valence electrons

The outermost shell of electrons in an atom or ion