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When was the original treaty of nato formed
march 1948
who signed the original NATO treaty
belgium, france, luxembourg, the netherlands, and the UK
When was nato formally created
april 1949
when did greece and turkey join nato
when did the federal republic of germany join NATO
Who joined on march 12, 1999
Czech republick, Hungary, and Poland
how many members are in nato today
What was the USSR's responce to nato
the warsaw pact
who was in the warsaw pact
Soviet Union, Albania, Bulgaria, Czechslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, and Romania
where is the nato headquarters
brussels, Belgium
who is the us represenative to nato
R. Nicholas Burns
What are the nato member states
-US, France, Italy, Greece, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Luxembourg, Poland, Czech Republic, UK, German, Turkey, Belgium, The Netherlands, Portugal, Iceland, Canada, Hungary
Who is the US military represenative to nato
LT GEN Timothy A. Kinnan USAF
What recent events did nato participate in
-Gulf 1991-1993
-Somalia 1992-1998
-Bosnia 1995-1998
-Kosovo 26 March 99-present
What are the three categories or nato forces
-Reaction Forces
-Main Defense Forces
-Augmentation Forces
Reaction forces
versatile, highly mobil ground, air and maritime forces maintained at highlevels of readiness and available at short notice for an early military response to a crisis
main defense forces
include active and mobilizable ground, air and maritime forces able to deter and defend against coercion or aggression
Augmentation forces
forces used to reinforce any nato region or maritime area for deterrence, crisis management or defense
what happened at the rome summit meeting
The declaration of Peace was issued and they came up with a new approact to security of europe
what are the 4 main purposes of the UN
-to maintain international peace and security
-to develop friendly relations among nations
-to cooperate in solving international problems and in promoting respect for human rights
-to be a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations
what is the UN security council responsible for
maintaining international peace and security
What members of the security council are perminant
China, France, the Russian Federation, the UK, and the US
When did the warsaw pact dissolve
What are the three main commitees that make up nato
-north atlantic council
-nuclear planning group
-Defense planning commitee
when was the un established and how many countries were originally in it
24 October 1945, 51
what are the six main bodies of the un
-the security council
-the general assembly
-the economic & social council
-the trusteeship council
-the international court of justice
-the secretariat
Who is the President of the general assembly
Dr. Han Seung-Soo - Republic of Korea
Who is the deputy secretary of the un
Louise Frechetta - Canada
where was the UN in 1998
Central African Republic, Sierra Leone, Rwanda
when was the UN in Cambodia
Where was the UN in 1994
When was the UN in Afghanistan
What did the UN want to do in the Central African Republic
prevent unrest, enhance security, provide electorial assistance
What did the UN want to do in Sierra Leone
Monitor security conditions, and observe human rights
What did the UN want to do in Cambodia
strengthen civil society, human rights and democracy
What did the UN want to do in Tajikistan
Initiated ceasefire, monitor cease fire, and work to advance peace process
What did the UN want to do in Afghanistan
facilitate national reconciliation and needed reconstruction after civil war
Where has the UN been from 1991-present
Iraq and Kuwait
What did the UN want to do in Iraq and Kuwait
monitor demilitarized zone
What was the goal in Iraq in 1996
developed "oil for food program"
What did the UN want to do in the Former Yugoslavia
resolve conflict and give relief assistance to 4mil people
where was the UN from 1992-95
Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the republic of Macedonia
What did the UN want to do in Croatia
reintegrate eastern slovenia into croatia
What was the UN's goal in Bosnia and Herzgovina
protect civilians
what was the UN's goal in the Republic of Macedonia
keep out war
where was the UN in 1999
What was the UN's goal in Kosovo
Provide humanitarian assistance
Where were peacekeeping missions thwarted
Bosnia and Herzgovinia, Rwanda
Where did the UN end civil wars
Cambodia, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Mozambique