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Mythological Mindset

incorporate the lessons of mythology

– doesn’t mean the complete absence of pain, grief, sorrow, and regret

– doesn’t mean you’re always happy and upbeat

• living life fully and by one’s own value system

• finding pleasure in the small things • looking below the surface
• accepting everything life offers
• having little or no fear

Myth Mindset - If you have it

tries the Sudanese, Peruvian, and Lao

• opens the sun roof and drives into the canyons—oHen!

• is a sculptor, because she loves to create

• takes precau

• plans for the future but always considers new possibili

• feels, pain, sorrow, or depression and believes that life is rich and things will get be>er

• would immediately fly to Borneo or Tasmania if given the chance

Myth Mindset - If you don't

eats at TGI Fridays because the food is predictable

• won’t buy a car with a sun roof, because it might leak

• prac

• lives in fear of death, disease, bereavement and things that go bump in the night

• plans for the future and lets absolutely nothing get in the way of those plans

• feels, pain, sorrow, or depression and believes that life is horrible and will never get be>er

• keeps his passport in a safety deposit box

Nature of Greek myth love stories

Happy endings are a rarity in Greek stories, literature. • realistic or pessimistic?

• Happy endings seem to be more popular now.

Apollo Love

-Unlucky, pretty much everyone died

* Alcyone

Ceyx drowns at sea, and Alcyone dreams about it

• She goes to the shore in the morning and finds her husband’s body

• As she grieves, she is turned into a seabird

• When one of her wings touches the corpse, it becomes a seabird also

Hero and Leander

* how this story presents a very favorable and praiseworthy female

-Hero leads Leander to the shoe by holding up a light every night, she's his guiding light

* Pyramus and Thisbe

Young lovers whose parents would not let them see one another

• Through a party wall they planned to elope

• Thisbe got there first and had to hide in a cave from a lion

• The lion chewed up her veil with its already bloody mouth

• Pyramus arrived and thought the lion had devoured Thisbe

• He killed himself

• Thisbe came out from the the cave, saw

Pyramus dying, and killed herself

• As she was dying, Thisbe prayed that the mulberry tree above her would have black fruit from then on

* Perseus and Andromeda

-Perseus saves her from a sea monster she was being sacrificed to, they get married

* Menelaus and Helen

-Menelaus was the richest Greek, Odyseus gets everyone to make a pact to honor the marriage, they get married, then Paris comes and goes back to Troy with her

* Aphrodite and Ares

-Opposites, caught by Hephaestus and he throws a net on them

* how this story illustrates the ‘madonna-whore’ complex

-Men who see women as either perfect or terrible

The nature of most Greek mythological birth stories

-Many have a divine parent, or was unable to conceive

* Creation

-Describes the birth of the universe, starts from Chaos, who has four kids, people keep popping out including Gaia - Earth, Tartarus - Hole, and Eros - Love, People pop out of Gaia too including Uranus

* Pandora

-To punish men for getting fire, Hephaestus made Pandora out of clay, Athena clothed her, She was given to the brother of Prometheus (Epimetheus), given a box from which escaped all the evils and bad things and hope stayed inside, possibly like the womb

* Athena

Metis - Goddess of wisdom, married Zeus, when pregnant Zeus ate her, because she would have a son greater than her father, Athena sprang from the head of Zeus, maybe split open by Hephaestus

* Dionysus

-Semela was the Mom and Zeus the Dad, Hera was mad about affair and made Semela get Zeus to show himself to her for real, it burned her but Zeus saved the kid and it grew in his thigh...kid was put in the charge of Ino, who was driven mad by Hera, then Dionysus was raised by Nymphs

* Heracles

Super confusing backstory, son of Zeus and Alcmene, was born after a God stood up...Eurystheus kind of stole the blessing by Zeus to be a ruler and Heracles did the labors for him

* Perseus

King locked away his daughter because he was told his daughter would have a son who would kill him, Zeus went to the daughter, Danae, and Perseus was born

* Theseus

King of Athens (Aegeus), didn't have a son, went to the oracle who said, "Don't undo the mouth of the wineskin." A friend had him sleep with his daughter, Aethra. They had Theseus and he found Aegeus's sword under a rock when older

* Achilles


* the meaning of the ‘Early Threat to Life’

Many major characters experience a poten2ally life-ending event while they are very young

• This reminds us that early life is fragile
– it’s something of a miracle if we survive our early years – and the Greeks had a very high infant mortality rate

* the meaning of the ‘Gap in the Record

We hear little or nothing about the lives of major characters unil they come to adulthood

This reminds us that all of us have to learn, grow, and experience things in preparation for our life’s work

This period of preparation is usually done out of the public eye and is unremarkable

The Time You Have Left (in Jelly Beans)

* how John Lennon’s quote “Live is what happens...” suggests a slightly different interpretation of the video “The Time You Have Left”

-The video suggests making the most of your time

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

--from the song “Beau1ful Boy”

• The trick is to savor all of our Ime, not only the Ime when we get to do what we want.

* the eight elements in the heroic pattern


* that Pelias promised Jason the throne in return for the Fleece

Yes, that happened, Pelias is evil step brother of Jason's dad who usurped the throne

* what the Argo was

A ship with a talking prow, constructed with help from Athena

* what the word argonautes means

Sailors on the Argo

* King Cyzicus and the Doliones

Jason and the Argonauts are hosted by King Cyzicus and the Doliones

• When they sail away, a storm arises and blows them in the dark to an island

• The island’s inhabitants attack the intruders

• The Argonauts defend themselves

• King Cyzicus is killed

• At daybreak the tragedy is discovered

– the Argonauts had been blown back to the island of King Cyzicus and the Doliones

* Heracles and Hylas

Heracles breaks his oar

• They stop on Cios, so he can

make a new one

• His friend Hylas is snatched away by water nymphs

• Heracles can’t find him and won’t leave without him

• So the Argonauts leave him on Cios

* Phineus

Phineus, a blind prophet, was king of Salmydessus

• The Harpies stole his food and befouled what they didn’t steal

• The Argonauts chased the Harpies away

• Phineus told them about the journey to come

– told them how to get through the Symplegades

* Symplegades (Clashing Rocks)

The “clashing rocks”

• Jason sent a dove through, which made the rocks slam together

• While the rocks recoiled, Jason began to sail through

• The rocks smashed together and broke only the tail end of the ship’s stern

* the impossible tasks assigned to Jason

yoke fire-breathing bulls

– plow a field

– plant a dragon’s teeth

– kill the soldiers that sprang up

* that Medea is a “traitorous daughter”

Medea, daughter of Aeetes (evil king with fleece),

helps Jason

* how Medea helps Jason perform his tasks and take the Fleece

Gives him “sun block” with a high spf

• Helps him drug the dragon

• After the tasks, warns him that Aeetes will kill him rather than give him the fleece

* how the unusual picture of Jason in the dragon’s mouth may be an example of the theme of “in the belly of the whale”

-A different version of the myth where Jason may have a rebirth moment...?

* what Medea does to Apsyrtus in order to slow Aeetes

When Medea flees with Jason, she takes her brother Apsyrtus

• When Aeetes pursues the Argo, Medea cuts her brother into pieces and tosses the chunks overboard

• Aeetes must slow down to pick up the body parts

* Circe

Jason, Medea, and the Argonauts go to the island of Circe

• She purifies Jason and Medea of the murder of Apsyrtus

* Sirens

Jason and the Argonauts sail past the Sirens safely

• Orpheus sings a more beautiful song so the Argonauts are not tempted by the Sirens

* Phaeacians

Aeetes’ men catch up to Jason and Medea on the island of the Phaeacians

• Demand the return of Medea, since she isn’t married to Jason

• Jason and Medea get married

• King Alcinous sends Aeetes’ men away

* Talus


• Kept strangers away from the

island of Crete

• Had ichor instead of blood

• On his ankle was “gas cap” for refilling (and empyting) his ichor

• Medea enchanted him with spells, causing him to graze his ankle on a rock and lose his ichor

* what Medea does when Pelias refuses to relinquish the throne to Jason

Pelias refuses to relinquish the throne

• Medea to the rescue

– she tricks Pelias’ daughters into dissecting their father

– they think Medea can rejuvenate him

* whom Jason wants to marry in Corinth

Inhabitants of Iolcus expel Jason and Medea

– they go to Corinth, where Jason falls in love with the princess

* what Medea does when she learns of Jason’s plans

Medea sends poisoned robe and crown to the princess

• Both the king and the princess are killed

* how Medea is saved from Jason’s desire for revenge, and where she is taken

When Jason comes to confront Medea, she kills their two children

• When Jason attacks her, Helios sends a chariot to rescue her

• She goes to Athens and marries King Aegeus

* how Jason dies

When Jason is an old man, part of the Argo falls on his head and kills him

– either the stem, which had been suspended as an offering to Hera

– or one of the beams, as Jason rested on a beach in the shade of the Argo