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rig [usually passive]
1 to arrange or influence sth in a dishonest way in order to get the result that you want: He said the election had been rigged. A commission was appointed to ensure the lottery was not rigged. to rig the market (= to cause an artificial rise or fall in prices, in order to make a profit) a rigged match
to make short sharp sounds like sth that is burning in a fire: A log fire crackled in the hearth. The radio crackled into life. (figurative) The atmosphere crackled with tension.
too brightly coloured in a way that lacks taste: gaudy clothes / colours
to look angry and refuse to speak or smile because you want people to know that you are upset about sth: He went off to sulk in his room.
soft and wet
1 ~ (over sb/sth) to rule as king, queen, emperor, etc: Herod reigned over Palestine at that time.
2 ~ (over sb/sth) to be the best or most important in a particular situation or area of skill: the reigning champion In the field of classical music, he still reigns supreme.
3 (literary) (of an idea, a feeling or an atmosphere) to be the most obvious feature of a place or moment: At last silence reigned (= there was complete silence). For a while, chaos and confusion reigned.
1 soft and thick, like mush: Cook until the fruit is soft but not mushy.
2 too emotional in a way that is embarrassing (sentimental): mushy romantic novels