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knowledge and information related to a particular subject, especially when this is not written down; the stories and traditions of a particular group of people: weather lore Celtic lore
a single sheet of glass in a window: a pane of glass a windowpane
a pointed piece of ice that is formed when water freezes as it falls down from sth such as a roof
snap your fingers
to make a sharp noise by moving your second or third finger quickly against your thumb, to attract sb's attention, or to mark the beat of music, for example: He snapped his fingers for the waiter to bring more wine.

reel (verb)
1 to move in a very unsteady way, for example because you are drunk or have been hit: I punched him on the chin, sending him reeling backwards. She was reeling after several glasses of wine. He reeled under the blow.
2 ~ (at / from / with sth) to feel very shocked or upset about sth: I was still reeling from the shock.
3 to seem to be spinning around and around: When he opened his eyes, the room was reeling.
preen ~ yourself (on sth)
1 to spend a lot of time making yourself look attractive and then admiring your appearance: Will you stop preening yourself in front of the mirror?
2 to feel very pleased with yourself about sth and show other people how pleased you are
3 ~ (itself) (of a bird) to clean itself or make its feathers smooth with its beak
glib (of speakers and speech)
using words that are clever, but are not sincere, and do not show much thought: a glib talker / salesman glib answers / explanations
snap ~ (at sb/sth)
to try to bite sb/sth: The dogs snarled and snapped at our heels.
hum and haw (AmE hem and haw)
to take a long time to make a decision or before you say sth: We hummed and hawed for weeks before deciding to buy the house.
peer (verb)
to look closely or carefully at sth, especially when you cannot see it clearly: We peered into the shadows. He went to the window and peered out. She kept peering over her shoulder. He peered closely at the photograph.
get, have, etc. the sniffles
to get, have, etc. a slight cold
the state of having or showing a deep respect for sb/sth, especially for God and religion; the state of being pious
the large root of a tropical plant that is cooked as a vegetable
melee /meilei/
a situation in which a crowd of people are rushing or pushing each other in a confused way: Several people were hurt in the melee. I lost hold of her hand in the melee of people rushing towards the entrance.
slay (slew, slain)

to murder sb: Two passengers were slain by the hijackers.
nape ~ (of sb's neck)
the back of the neck: Her hair was cut short at the nape of her neck.
(of a ship or plane) to turn to one side, away from a straight course, in an unsteady way
nip ~ (at sth)
1 to give sb/sth a quick painful bite or pinch: He winced as the dog nipped his ankle. She nipped at my arm.
2 (of cold, wind, etc.) to harm or damage sth: The icy wind nipped at our faces. growing shoots nipped by frost
seeming or stated to be real or true, when this is perhaps not the case: The ostensible reason for his absence was illness.
to cut down a tree, or cut some large branches off it
reel (noun)
1 a round object around which you wind such things as cotton thread, wire or film; the film, wire, thread, etc. that is wound around a reel: a cotton reel a reel on a fishing rod reels of magnetic tape a new reel of film The hero was killed in the final reel (= in the final part of the film / movie).
snip (at / through) sth
snip sth off
1 to cut sth with scissors using short quick strokes: Snip a tiny hole in the paper. She snipped at the loose threads hanging down.
2 to remove sth by cutting it with scissors in short quick strokes: Snip off the end of the tube. She snipped several inches off his hair.
1 the mass of eggs inside a female fish (hard roe) or the sperm of a male fish (soft roe), used as food: Taramasalata is made from cod's roe, olive oil and garlic.
peer (noun)
1 a person who is the same age or who has the same social status as you: She enjoys the respect of her peers. A peer review system is being introduced to help teachers who are experiencing difficulty. Children are worried about failing in front of their peers. Peer pressure is strong among young people (= they want to be like other people of the same age).
the art of writing by hand; skill in doing this: delicate penmanship
1 a large ring of plastic, wood or iron: a barrel bound with iron hoops hoop earrings (= in the shape of a hoop)
2 the ring that the players throw the ball through in the game of basketball in order to score points: Let's shoot some hoops.
3 a large ring that was used as a children's toy in the past, or for animals or riders to jump through at a circus
1 to move slowly from side to side; to move sth in this way: The branches were swaying in the wind. Vicky swayed and fell. They danced rhythmically, swaying their hips to the music.
2 to persuade sb to believe sth or do sth (influence): He's easily swayed. She wasn't swayed by his good looks or his clever talk.
1 a shape like a curve or circle made by a line curving right round and crossing itself: The road went in a huge loop around the lake. Duclair is a small town on a loop of the River Seine.
2 a piece of rope, wire, etc. in the shape of a curve or circle: He tied a loop of rope around his arm. Make a loop in the string. a belt loop (= on pants, etc. for holding a belt in place)
1 to sniff or keep sniffing, especially because you are crying or have a cold
2 an act or the sound of sniffling: After a while, her sniffles died away.
be in the loop | be out of the loop
to be part of a group of people that is dealing with sth important; to not be part of this group: A lot of people want to be in the loop on this operation. Lawton had gradually been cut out of the loop on legal reviews.
1 a straight thin stick that is held by sb when performing magic or magic tricks: The fairy waved her wand and the table disappeared. You can't expect me to just wave a (magic) wand and make everything all right again.
2 any object in the shape of a straight thin stick: a mascara wand
a male deer
rock, earth, etc. from which metal can be obtained: iron ore
hub ~ (of sth)
1 the central and most important part of a particular place or activity: the commercial hub of the city The kitchen was the hub of family life. to be at the hub of things (= where things happen and important decisions are made) a hub airport (= a large important one where people often change from one plane to another)
2 the central part of a wheel
out of sorts
ill/sick or upset: She was tired and out of sorts by the time she arrived home. Are you feeling all right? You look a bit out of sorts.

worrying too much about unimportant details; showing this (fussy)
1 very bad or unpleasant (terrible): She speaks French with an atrocious accent. Isn't the weather atrocious?
2 very cruel and shocking: atrocious acts of brutality
greyish-brown in colour
1 a long strip of land, especially one on which the plants or crops have been cut: The combine had cut a swath around the edge of the field. Development has affected vast swaths of our countryside.
2 a large strip or area of sth: a swath of hair / fabric / sunlight The mountains rose above a swath of thick cloud.

a mass of very small bubbles that forms on top of water that has soap in it: She was up to her elbows in suds.
curtsy (also curtsey)
a formal greeting made by a woman or girl in a dance or to an important person, by bending her knees with one foot in front of the other
1 something that seems like a big mouth that swallows things up completely: They drove into the maw of the city.
1 very small pieces of stone or sand: I had a piece of grit in my eye. They were spreading grit and salt on the icy roads.
2 the courage and determination that makes it possible for sb to continue doing sth difficult or unpleasant
3 (verb) to spread grit, salt or sand on a road that is covered with ice
a line of ore (= metal in the ground or in rocks)
1 (of people or their bodies) thin in an attractive or graceful way (slim): her slender figure long, slender fingers a slender young woman
2 thin or narrow: a glass with a slender stem
3 small in amount or size and hardly enough: to win by a slender margin / majority people of slender means (= with little money) These claims are based on slender evidence.