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What region did the Indians of the Northeast live in?

Eastern Woodlands
What were the causes of European Exploration between 1400-1600?
The Renaissance spirit of curiosity, desire for adventure, search for new trade routes, search for converts to Christianity
What did the Northwest Coast Indians worship?
Totem Poles
The first Americans probably came here by what kind of transportation?
Who were the second highest social class in New Spain?
The Creoles
What region did the Hunters and Gatherers of the West live in?
The Great Basin Area
Who claimed the Pacific Ocean for Spain?
Columbus found what?
Vespucci did what?
Explored south of South America
Which one of the Ancient Civilizations was called the "Mother Culture?"
The Olmec
DaGamma did what?
Found a water route from Portugal to Asia
What kind of homes did the Southwest Indians live in?
Why was Spain able to control most of the Americas by the 1700's?
They were good sailors, they had experience and they had a long tradition of fighting
What were the effects of European Exploration between 1400 and 1600?
Devestation to the American Indians, Expanded Knowledge of World Geography, European settlement in the Americas, Development of trade

What region did the Plains Indians live in?
The Great Plains
What were features of Feudalism?
Land was divide up into large estates ruled by lords and little trading was done. The people were self-sufficient
Where did Columbus first land when he reached the Americas?
The Bahamas
What hemisphere is the "New World" in?
Western Hemisphere
What kind of dance did the Farmers of the Southeast do at New Years?
"Green Corn Dance"
What hemisphere is the "Old World" in?
The Eastern Hemisphere
What made a person a "creole?"
They were people who were of Spanish ancestry but were born in New Spain