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What is an Opera

An Opera is a through sung, staged drama

What is a Sonata

A Sonata is a multi movement work, made to be performed by an individual instrument or an instrument and accompaniment.

Three things to look for when evaluating a print source

Is the Author critically acclaimed


Date Published

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Born in 1770 in Bonne Germany, Died in 1827

Study Piano with Haydn in Vienna

Was completely deaf by the time he died

What is a Symphony

A multi movement work made for an orchestra with performance purposes

What is an Overture

An Overture is the work that starts an Opera

What is Sonata Allegro Form

Exposition- Development- Recapitulation

What is a Mazurka

A Mazurka is a Polish dance in Triple Time

What are Four Multi Movement instrumental genres




Sitting Quartet

What are the Liszt firsts

The first person to put on a piano recital

The first person to perform from memory

The first to play a piano sideways

The first to perform multiple genres of music