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Track 1- Title
Alla Hai
Track 1- Description
Music for Egyptian zaar, healing ritual featuring drums and other percussion instruments. possessed female dances to rid her body of spirits
Track 2- Title
Track 2- Instrument
Track 3- Title
Kargyraa Moan
Track 3- Description
Paul Pena performs kargyraa throat singing style of Tuva similar to mongolian throat singing. Harmonics allow more than one pitch to sound at once.
Track 4- Title
Cantecul Miresei
Track 4- Description
Roma brass band of Romania. Long and short beats correspond to dance steps.
Track 5- Title
Kudi Kudi
Track 5- Description
Bhangra, dance music of India. Drums outline quadruple meter while shouts of hoi are syncopated.
Track 6- Title
Track 6- Instrument
Track 6- Description
South Indian classical music. Free rhythm improvisation. music becomes metric when drum enters
Track 7- Title
Eagle Dance
Track 7- Description
Dance music of Northern Arapaho. Features descending melodic phrases
Track 8- Title
A Funny Way of Asking
Track 8- Description
Blues scale, syncopated backbeat rhythm, 12-bar blues
Track 9- Title
Track 9- Description
Melody and chordal accompaniment
Track 10- Title
Chandmani Nutag
Track 10- Description
Mongolian khoomi- throat singing. Sings fundamental pitch and changes mouth position to isolate overtones
Track 11- Title
Gondang haro-haro
Track 11- Instruments
taganing (tuned drums) and sarune (aerophone)
Track 12- Title
Track 12- Instrument
mbira dzavadzimu (idiophone with metal lamellae)
Track 13- Title
Salla Alho Ala Mohammad
Track 13- Description
Sufi chant from Egypt. Heterophony (same melody played in varied versions at the same time)
Track 13- Instrument
nay (flute)
Track 14- Title
Elephant Hunting Song
Track 14- Description
polyphony (multiple melodies at the same time)
Track 15- Title
Track 15- Instrument
Zampona (panpipes)
Track 15- Description
Hocketing (interlocking parts that produce a complete part)
Track 16- Title
Track 16- Description
Polyphony, Song form IABABSB