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A Seuencer is...
...A device that allows musicians to record, edit, and playback a series of events.
With MIDI sequencing, it is possible to change the tempo without affecting the...
Integrated Sequencers
Bulit into a synthesizer (keyboard) Varying editing abilities
Dedicated Sequencers
Stand - Alone units dedicated solely to sequencing
Computer Software Sequencers
Programs that run on computers
The purpose of a sequencer is to...
...Capture a musical proformance.
The purpose of a notation program is to...
...produce a score on paper.
MIDI sequencers record, and play back all aspects of a...
...MIDI preformance.
The degree of accuracy of time placement of events in a MIDI sequence is referred to as...
...Resolution and is expressed as Ticks/Pulses per quarter note.
Most MIDI sequencers can record...
...Multi tracks of MIDI data.
Each track has seperate part of the composition. Each track can send to one channel and multiple tracks can send to one channel
From MIDI determine the timbre to be heard
Punch In / Punch Out Record
Allows you to start and stop recording at particular spots
Allows you to stop any stuck notes
Event Editing
The changing of any MIDI event
Region Editing
Any change made affects the entire selected region and only that region
Cuts the selected event or region from the sequence
Delete Time
The MIDI events and the time the occupy are deleted
Eliminates MIDI events while preserving the time they occupied
To place new information in a squence
Instert Time
Inserts empty measures of amount of time
Cut / Paste
Deltes a selected region from one location to be inserted at another
Copy / Paste
Makes a duplicate of a region to be inserted at another location
Combines information from multiple tracks to one track
Makes notes fit to a selected rhythmis grid
Track Shifting
Moves an entire track ahead or behind the beat by a set number of ticks
To move all notes in a region up or down by a specific interval
Things out certain types of MIDI data such as pitch, bend, volume, or modulation
Real-Time Recording
The sequencer captures a preformance as it is played
Step Recording
A Sequence is created one note and time value at a time
To continuously repeat a track or section of a track
Pattern-based sequencing
Uses looping to create tracks within a sequence. Popular with dance, house and rap musicians
Song Arrangement
Serval different sequences are used within a file for different sections of the music such as introduction, verse and chorus, ect.
Standard MIDI Files
Should be saved as Standard MIDI Files. It allows the file to be opened by other sequencers. It is easier to transfer to a notation program