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What artists is dubbed as the king of the surf guitar??
Dick Dale
California Vocal group
Combined Surfer themes n Doo-wop, Chuck berry style guitar
The Beach Boys
The prominent musical force behind the Beach Boys
Brian Wilson
What year is James Brown get his 1st hit, Please, please, please
Jamaica was last controlled by what European country
What style of music initially dominated the jamaican sound system
American R&B
What was toasting/jamaican sound system
When the Dj recorded over a record
Who was the Jamaican Dj credited as 1st at creating lyrics that were performed over a record
Dj Count Machuki
Which ska group was founded in 1964 as jazz trained studio musicians
The Skatalites
Berry Gordy Jr. had success with writing songs for what artist
Jackie Wilson
Motowns and Americas leading group of the 60s
The Supremes
Who wrote majority of the supremes hits
Holland Dozier
Which Motown soloist sang with chicagos moonglows doo-wop group
Marvin Gaye
What city was the home of Stax Records
Which 2 record labels played the biggest roles in producing Southern Soul
Stax Records & Atlantic Records
Which Southern Soul studio struck a deal with Jerry Wexler
FAME Studios
Steve Cropper n Donald Duck Dunn played for what label
The Funk Brothers played what type of music b4 going to motown
What atlantic records producer and co-owner was behind the success of Wilson Pickett and Aretha Franklin
Rick Hall
What city did the beatles come from
Liverpool, England
The 4 beatles members from 62-
Paul McCartney
John Lennon
Ringo Starr
George Harrison
The 5th Beatle
George Martin
The Las Vegas of Europe
Hamburg, Germany
What Month, What year, Beatles record top 5
April, 1964
What Month, What year, Beatles record top 5
April, 1964
What classic American blues label became distributed by Pye
Chess Records
What indie studio did the rolling stones record in
Chess studios
What 2 members of the rolling stones were the bands most successful
Mick jagger & Keith Richards