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Analog recording
The process of transforming the energy of sound waves into physical imprints or into electronic waveforms that closely follow the shape of the sound waves themselves.
Digital recording
The process of sampling sound waves and breaking them down into a stream of numbers (0s and 1s).
Eight-bar interlude
Episodic element in music eight bars in length, typically occurring after the second chorus in a pop song
The process of using a portion of prerecorded music in a new context
An electronic musical instrument (usually with a keyboard) capable of generating new sounds
The 1980s and the Music Business
-11% drop in sales

-due to the sucess of multi platinum artists

The Crash of the Early 1980s
-National Recession

-New forms of entertainment

-Decline of disco


-cassettes surpass vinyl

New Technologies of the 1980s

-! Drum machines

! Sequencers

! Samplers

! MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)

Digital Technology and

Popular Music

-Technology became center of promotion, consumption and production

-Analog REcording

-Digital recording

-Digital to analog convertor


MTV (Music Television)
-Begin in 1981-Best promoting-I want my MTVfocus on white rock artist-MJ's thriller forced them to go all white
Politicization of Pop
Groups, in line with the corporate elements, got behind various issues:

Questions of free speech

Questions of gender identity

Kenny Rogers (b. 1938)
-born in texas

-winner country music associations

-sold 250m worth of records

“Lady” (1980),

Performed by Kenny Rogers

-kenny roger's greatest hits

-Writen by african american lionel richie and song writer, superstar of 1980s, former R&B group commodrores

“What’s Love Got to Do with It” tina turner
Performed by Tina Turner and Graham lyle, terry britten written by

-Offered a contract by capitol records

Thriller (1982)
-Produed by Quincy Jones

-Top seller

-diverse stylist elements

-"The girl is mine" soft rock hit

Beat it "heavy metal"

Music videos

Born in the U.S.A. (1984) Bruce Springsteen
Music and personal image portrayed.


Springsteen and His E Street Band

-strong rock sound


12 bar blues form

Springsteen and His E Street Band
2nd to MJ

-Top 10 Singles

-Holiday -Studio synth pop

-Like a virgin" - top singles about feeling that someone who has grown pessimistic about love gets from a new relationship