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Name the layers of the epidermis from the surface down:
1) stratum corneum - anucleate
2) stratum lucidum
3) stratum granulosum
4) stratum spinosum - desmosomes
5) stratum basalis
Tight junction is also called zona ___.
zona occludens - prevents paracellular movement of stuff
E-cadherin + actin filaments =
zona adherens (intermediate junction) - located just below tight junction
Desmoplakin + keratin =
macula adherens (desmosome!)
What are gap junctions for?
allows adjacent cells to communicate rapidly (for electric and metabolic functions)
A young man comes in screaming because he injured his knee. His lower leg is grotesquely abducted at the knee. He has torn the:
medial collateral ligament
Positive "anterior drawer" sign =
torn ACL
Which 4 muscles make up the rotator cuff? (SItS)
1) supraspinatus - helps deltoid abduct arm
2) infraspinatus - lateral rotation
3) teres minor - adduct & laterally rotate
4) subscapularis - adduct & medially rotate
This molecule is needed to release actin from myosin to allow cross-bridge cycling and muscle shortening.
ATP - binds to myosin head
What does calcium bind to in order to create a conformation change so that actin & myosin can cycle?
troponin C
A sarcomere is measured from __ to ___.
Z line to Z line
The A band refers to:
myosin filament length (remains constant)
The H band refers to:
gap of space between actin filaments in a sarcomere, spans midsection of myosin filaments
The I band refers to:
gap of space between myosin filaments, includes only actin filaments (and one Z line)
Which segments of a sarcomere shrink during muscle contraction?
HIZ contract
Which kind of calcium channel is located in the T tubule membrane of a muscle fiber?
dihydropyridine receptor (voltage-sensing Ca channel protein)
Which kind of calcium channel is located in the sarcoplasmic reticulum of a muscle cell?
ryanodine receptor
Myosin light chain kinase phosphorylates myosin, leading to smooth muscle contraction/relaxation.
Myosin light chain phosphorylase take off a phosphate from myosin, leading to smooth muscle contraction/relaxation.