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Origin & insertion of Triceps brachii- long head?
Origin infragloenoid tubercle of scapula
Insertion through flat eendon of olecranon process of ulna
Action of tricep brachii long head?
Extension against resistance & helps stabilize shoulder joint assist in arm adduction
Origin & insertion of Tricep lateral head?
Origin Posterior shaft of humerus
Insertion olecranon process of ulna
Action tricep brachii lateral head
extension against resistance forearm
Origin & insertion of tricep brachii medial head?
Origin posterior humneral shaft distal to radial groove
Insertion tendon into olecranon process of ulna
Action of Tricep brachii medial head?
prime mover of forearm extensor
Origin & insertion of Brachialis?
Origin distal anterior surface of humerus
Insertion coroniod process of ulna
Action of Brachialis?
Major forearm flexor (lifts ulna)
Origin & insertion of Bisceps brachii?
Origin Short head- cornoid process of scapula, long head tubercle above and lip of gleniod cavity

Insertion common tendon radial tuberosity
Action biscep brachii?
Flexes elbow joint & supinates forearm (turns and pulls cork)
Origin & insertion of Brachioradialis?
Origin lateral supracondylar ridge at distal end of humerus

Insertion base of styoid process of radius
Action of the Brachioradialis?
Synnergist in forerm flexion
Origin & insertion of Palmaris longus?
Origin Medial epicondyle of humerus

Insertion Palmar aponeurosis (skin and fascia of palm)
Action of Palmaris longus?
Weak wrist flexor tenses skin and fascia of palm weak synergist for elbow flexion
Origin & insertion of Pronator teres?
Origin medial epicondyle of the humerus & coronoid process of ulna

Insertion midway along lateral radius
Action of Pronator teres?
Pronates & weak elbow flexor