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Latissimus dorsi

O: Spines of T7-L5, ilium and sacral crest

I: Intertubercular sulcus

A: Extension, medial rotation, adduction. Responsible for the inferior and posterior actions of the arm.

Pectoralis major

O: clavicle, sternocoastal cartilage of rib 1-7

I: Greater tubercle, intertubercular sulcus

A: Medial rotation, adduction. Clavicular head responsible for flexing arm, sternocoastal head responsible for extending arm that's flexed to the side of trunk.


O: Supraspinatus fossa

I: Greater tubercle

A: Abduction


O: Infraspinatus fossa

I: Greater tubercle
A: Lateral rotation

Teres minor

O: Inferior border of scapula
I: Greater tubercle
A: Lateral rotation + extension

Teres major

O: Inferior angle of scapula
I: Intertubercular sulcus

A: Extension, adduction, medial rotation

Subscapularis fossa

O: Subscapularis fossa

I: Lesser tubercle

A: Medial rotation


O: Clavicle, acromion and spine of scapula

I: Deltoid tuberosity on humerus

A: Lateral fibers abduct arm. Anterior fibers medially rotate and flex arm. Posterior fibers laterally rotate and extend arm.