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Pronator teres

O: Medial epicondyle and coranoid process of ulna

I: Medial lateral border of radius

A: Pronates forearm

Flexor carpi radialis

O: Medial epicondyle

I: 2 and 3 metacarpal

A: Flex and abduct hand

Palmaris longus

O: Medial epicondyle

I: Flexor retinaculum and palmar aponeurosis
A: Weakly flexes hand

Flexor carpi ulnaris

O: Medial epicondyle and posterior lateral border of ulna
I: Pisiform, hamate, base of 5th MC

A: Flex and adduct hand

Flexor digitorum superficialis

O: Medial epicondyle, coranoid process of ulna

I: Middle phalanx of all fingers
A: Flexes middle and proximal phalanages and wrist

Flexor pollicis longus

O: Anterior radius and interosseous membrane
I: Distal phalanx of thumb
A: Flexes distal phalanx of thumb

Flexor digitorum Profundus

O: Anterior medial ulna
I: Base of distal phalanx of each finger
A: Flexes distal, middle, proximal phalanx and hand

Pronator Quadratus

O: Distal ulna

I: Distal radius

A: Pronates forearm