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What is "multimedia?"
It is a software application that used different media such as text, images,sounds,animation and video to deliver a message.
What are three common areas multimedia is used?
What is "hypertext?"
is text organised and displayed so that when selected new information will be shown. Hypertext is used to link the different parts of a multimedia product.
What is "hypermedia?"
is any display object (such as graphic or text)that can link you to new information.
What is "authoring software?"
this is software that allows a multimedia designer to combine the different multimedia data into a single product.
What type of storage device is generally used to distribute multimedia products?
What is a storyboard?
it is a graphic description of every scene or display screen in a product.
Name 3 audio file formats.
Name 2 video formats.
What is a "Plug-In?"
A small piece of software that enriches a larger piece of software by adding features or functions. Plug-ins enable browsers to play audio and video.
What does the term "digital" describe?
Describes a method of storing, processing and transmitting information through the use of distinct electronic or optical pulses that represent the binary digits 0 and 1.
What is a "kiosk" as it relates to multimedia?
a multimedia display system designed to operate in a public area eg such as a museum display.
What hardware devices would make up a typical multimedia system?
Fast CPU; large Memory; colour monitor;speakers; scanner;video & sound cards
What do the letters "DVD" stand for?
Digital Versatile Disk
How much more can a DVD hold than a CD?
A DVD can hold 10 times as much data as a CD