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What does the power supply converter do?

Converts Ac to DC power

The _____ allows the processor to connect to or communicate with every other device within the server.


______ is defined as short term memory used by the computer and is erased when the computer is shut down.


RJ-45 connectors have how many connectors


Flashing the BIOS is defined as ______

Updating the BIOS on the system

SCSIdrives offer faster performance than_________.

IDE drives

What does UPS stand for?

uninterruptedpower supply. It is used to protect a server in case of a black out

________ is used to change the boot device order of acomputer


When a computer is turned on, _____ is Loadedfirst (It checks CMOS for customizations too)


Complementary Metal oxide Semiconductor issuesthe ________ when a computer first boots.

power on self test (POST)

During POST what is done?

theamount of system RAM is inventoried/detected, the hardware is initialized andan OS is found to load

_____________is defined as what holds theinstructions that a server uses to boot and includes POST and finding a driveto complete the boot process


______________isthe main part of windows that is responsible for various system services aswell as process and memory managementare


_________isthe first windows file loading during boot, which loads the Kernal (Server 2003only)


When a Server boots for 2008 what is loaded


When a Server boots for 2003 what is loaded


______________ is a firmware-independent database for theboot-time configuration data used by Windows Boot Manager. It supports both theUnified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) and Legacy BIOS.

Bootconfiguration data (BCD)

WindowsServer 2008 can accept up to_________ of RAM.

32GBof RAM (remember, 32 bit limit is always 4GB)

Server 2008 R2 requires a minimum of ________ofRAM and 64-bit 1.4 GHz processor.


________________ is used to investigate apotential problem with hardware (including drivers)

Device Manager

Server 2003 uses ________ command linetool to fix a system that no longer boots

recovery console

_______________ starts windows withthe last registry and driver configurations that worked successfully

Last known good configuration

____________ loads minimum number of drivers

Safe Mode

An __________________ is used on server2003 to recover a boot.ini file

emergency repair disk (ERD)

___________ is a command-line tool used fordescribing and managing the BCD store


Repair your computer is an ____ Option to show a list of systemrecovery options in server 2008 R2


Windowsserver 2003 R2 Enterprise ________ be upgraded to 2008 R2 standard or Foundation


_________________ is minimal Win32 operation system with limited services, built on theWindows Vista Kernel

Windows Preinstallation environment (Windows PE) 2.0

32-bit machines ___________ use 64 bit drivers


Drivers should be obtained from the __________whenever possible

device manufacturer

Storage drivers can be loaded during theinstallation phase (either by ________________________________) .

placing them on a USB flash drive or blank CD

Unassigned drivers are problematic in server2008 and newer drivers must be ________ in 64 bit systems


_______________ are tested and include a digitalinterface

Signed drivers

___________ is defined as a program thatcontrols a device in windows

Device driver

________ is used to configure IRQs for adevice

Device manager

__________________ are used to send asignal from a device to get the attention of the CPU

Interrupt request (IRQ)

A downward black arrow in device managerindicates that a device is __________


A black exclamation point inside a yellow fieldindicates a device is __________________________

down and having problems

______________ is a tool that can be used to helpisolate a program that is creating problems during the boot process


_______________ helps preventunauthorized changes to windows

User account controls (UAC)

_________ is the primary program toconfigure the windows environment

Control panel

The local administrator account ______ be renamed


The local administrator account on a server ______________ be deleted


The local administrator account on a server ________ be disabled


A ______________ is defined as a program, routine or aprocess that performs a specific system function to support otherprograms/network service


___________ is required to be running on a server so that it can provide file sharing


To secure a server without disrupting thework of employees, simply _________ ratherthan shutdown

log off

Security patches should be maintained through ________________________.

WSUS and windows update

Microsoft recommends ________ your server via WUafter a new installation


________ can be used torestart a server

Shutdown /r or shutdown /r/t 0

Disk management MMC is found in _____________.

Server Manager

___________ is an automatic deviceconfiguration system

Plug and play

Logon options for services __________ limit access to resources


Services that are required to enable anotherservice to run are known as ______.


Windows Server Operating Systems Require an _______ volumeagment


An ______ volume or partition is required tocreate a volume mount point


To convert a disk from dynamic back to basic,the dynamic volume must first be _________


Internal storage disk types include _____________

PATA, SATA and SCSI agment

iSCSI _________ require a private network tocommunicate with host machines

does not

_____________ storage does not require Ethernetto communicate with host machines (it can use a variety of connection types)

Fibre channel

Direct attached storage solutions connect with a __________ connections


Creating a __________ volume on a new drive willadd that space to an existing partition, rather than creating a new driveletter


In order to create a partition that supportscompression, it must be formatted as ________


___________ Tape back up systems support large dataamounts, are reasonable priced, andreasonably fast


Fibre-channelstorage supports speeds up to ___________

16 Gbps

Fibre-channeluses __________ as its simplest topology for two devices connected back to back


___________ is a file-level data storage device accessiblevia the network and often uses SMB/CIFS


_______ is an architectureused for disk arrays, tape libraries, etc to appear as locally attached driveson a server. It typically uses RAID arrays

Storage Area Network (SAN)

____________________ Partitioning style supports 4 primarypartition for a maximum size of 4TB


__________ partitioning style supports up to 18 Exabyteand 128 partitions


________ is preferred. It supports up to 16EB perfile, is more fault tolerant that fat systems. It uses journaling to ensuretransactions are written properly. Permissions/Encryption are also a benefit ofit.


_______________ is a manageable pieceof a disk array or SAN that is mapped to a server.

Logical Unit Number (LUN)

_________ stands for a Redundant Array of InexpensiveDisks


___________ is defined as a faulttolerant system built using two or more drives

RAID (Except RAID0)

____________ is not fault tolerant. It stripes data across all drives. There is no parity control or fault tolerance


__________ is defined as writing data acrossmultiple disks

Disk striping

___________ is known as disk mirroring. It mirrorsthe data on disk1 to disk2. Data is written to both drives simultaneously


_________is a combination of RAID 1 and RAID 0.It mirrors a set of disks and then stripes across the disks


____________ uses parity information to recover datafrom a failed disk


RAID 5 uses between __________ disks


Windows-based ________ uses system processingresources


________ is defined as error correction. To increase performance, the error-correctionfunction is spread across all hard drives in the array to avoid having onedrive do all the work


A _________ is an extra drive that can be usedwhen a RAID drive fails

Hot Spare

An _____________ are required toconfigure a TCP/IP network

IP address and subnet mask

Windows server clusters can be either _______________________.

Failover or Network Load Balancing clusters

SMTPis used to send mail between servers. It uses port _________ by default


FTP uses ports ____________

20 and 21

________________ uses digitalcertificates for secure connections

Secure socket layers (SSL)

The default port for https is __________


_________ command shows active TCP connections and portsthat the computer is listening to


_________ is a command used to set the ip addressesand gateway information. Useful for server core installations


_________ displays all active networkconfigurations for that device


__________ determines the path taken to a destinationby sending an ICMP echo request


_________ verifies IP connectivity with anotherdevice by sending an ICMP echo request


IPv4 configuration can be found in the _______________________ .

network and sharing Center (on the left change adapter settings)

Servers often have ________ IP addresses so thatclients can be pointed to them permanently


To hide a share, put a ___________ at the end of the sharename


___________ translates domain names to IP addresses


A ______ translates the host names to IPaddress

host file

DNS ____________ records translate host names to IP address


DNS ___________ records translate IP addresses to hostnames


DNS _________ records are used to locate a domaincontroller


_________ assigns IP addresses automatically


___________________ are authentication protocols.They are used by iSCSI and other technologies to securely connect from a remotesite

CHAP and IPSec

___________ is the primary authentication protocolused in Active Directory


Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) uses ________ toencrypt data


____________________ usesplain text passwords (unencrypted)

Password authentication protocol (PAP)

_________________________ is defined as a hiddenshares with a $ at the end of the name

Administrative share

______________________ may be needed for a communicationto leave a secure intranet

Proxy settings

___________ allow employees to work remotely but stillhave access to internal network resources

DirectAccess and VPN

_______________ is defined as a technology used to link twocomputers or sites over the internet while providing a secure connection


______________ allow remote connection to an application

Remote Desktop Services Client Access Licenses

Remote Desktop and Remote assistance use port _____________.


Servers can be remotely managed via a __________________.

VPN server or remote desktop

___________________ allows for server control from aworkstation using server manager

Remote server Administration Tools (RSAT)

____________ Grants access to the LocalAdministration group by default

Remote Desktop

_____________ is designed for supportpersonnel to connect to an active logon session to assist

Remote assistance

___________ is used to connect to a computerremotely. It supports two connections simultaneously

Remote Desktop

Remote desktop Can be enabled in the ______.

control panel

__________________ is used to permit a user to reconnect existing sessions, is a load-balanced RD Session Host Server Farm

RD Connection broker

_______________ enables a user to evenlydistribute the session load among RD Session Host Server in a load-balanced RDSession Host Server Farm

RD Connection Broker

___________ is defined as an environment whereeach computer keeps its own security database


_________ is defined as a computer meant to be adedicated service provider


____________ is a logical unit of computers andnetwork resources that define a security boundary

A domain

A ____________ is a logical structure used fordelegating authority over a collection of objects


Domain user accounts are managed through _______________.

AD users and computers

The default location for a new user account inAD is the ___________

Users container

__________ is usedto manage users, groups, computers, domains, Domain Controllers and OU’s

Active Directory Administrative center

___________ allows you to changethe name of a computer or add the computer to a domain

System Control Panel Applet

__________ provides centralized managementof users and computers

Active directory

When creating a new Domain, _____________________ objects are available by default

User and Computer

Active directory infrastructure dictatesthat you may only have one forest unless _________ are created


_________ is a complete instance of ActiveDirectoryme


Forest is defined as one or more _________ withdisjointed namespace


___________________ is defined as representing a geographic location hosting networks, morespecifically a collection of well-connected IP subnets


_______________ is defined as a primary duty that aserver provides

Server role

Storage drives can be loaded during theinstallation phase either by ___________________

placing them on a USB flash drive or blank CD

_______________ are defined as non-DomainController Servers in a Domain

Member servers

_____________ is defined as enabling additionalusers to handle administrative tasks for a particular object


____________ wizard can be used todelegate administration to appropriate users and groups

Delegate of Authority

___________________ is defined as a Windows Serverthat stores the Active Directory database

Domain controller

____________ replicates frequentlyused attributes used in search operations (user/computer name) of every objectin a tree and forest so that you can quickly finds the objects

Global Catalog service

A server that has an operations master role mustalso be a _______________

Domain Controller


operations master role

ADomain Controller that is designated to perform a set of specialized DomainController tasks is known as an _________________

Operations Master (FSMO)

Some ______________ are only assignedto the forest, not a Domain Controller

operations master roles

Flexible Single Master Operations (FSMO) Rolesare the following: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Schema Master, Domain Naming Master, Relative ID (RID) Master, PDC Emulator

___________________ is used forsynchronizing cross-domain group membership

Infrastructure Master Role

______________ role is used forcontrolling and handling updates and modifications to the Active DirectorySchema

Domain Naming Master

__________ role is used for allocating pools ofunique identifiers to Domain Controllers for use when creating objects

RID Master

_____________ are used to assign permissionsto access resources and specific folders

Security groups

_____ can be used to assign permissions on ashared folder on a member server in the AD


The Read Permission is assigned to ___________whena new share is created


When accessing data created by a formeremployee, ______________ of the file will grant access

taking ownership

_____________ are assigned to security groups

Rights and Permissions

____________ authenticate a user to perform acertain actions on a computer, such as logging on to a systeminteractively or backing up files anddirectories on a system

User rights

User rights = ____________________


User/Group Permissions = __________________


Permissions are used to grant access to objectssuch as ______________________________

NTFS files or Active Directory user accounts

___________ is the minimum permission needed to changethe attributes of a file (NTFS Permissions)


___________ is the minimum permission needed tomodify files and their attributes (Share permissions)


Access Control Lists are used to store ______________ assigned to a file or folder

NTFS Permissions

Explicit Permissions are defined as _________________________________________

permissions assigned directly to a file or folder

Explicit Deny permissions ______________________ over all other permissions

override (take precedence)

________________ permission is the first step to accessing files that you do not havepermissions to and need to access immediately. All admins have this right

Take ownership

____________________ allows you to seewhat permissions are actually applied to a user or computer

Effective Permissions tool

Permissions for Shares (Share permissions) or Folders (NTFS Permissions) allow the most _______________ permissions


Permissions for shares (Share permissions) andFolders (NTFS permissions) allow the most ______________ permissions


____________ are defined as permissionsactually granted to a user when they access a particular file (explicitpermissions + inherited permissions)

Effective permissions

Files moved from one folder to another on thesame volume _______ their original permissions