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MRI stands for?
What is being imaged in MRI?
-Proton density

-T1 and T2 relaxation times
What is being imaged in SPECT, PET?
Distribution of introduced radioisotopes.
What is being imaged in classical radiography?
Distribution of linear attenuation coefficient.
What is being imaged in ultrasonography?
-Distribution of acoustic impedance.

-Velocity of flow
Name 6 advantages of MRI over other, "classical" imaging techniques.
-Neglibile side-effects

-True multiplanar imaging

-High, unique contrasting of soft tissues

-Ability of flow imaging w/o contrast agents

-Simultaneous information about both anatomical and physiological information.

-Less severe artefacts.
What tissue properties determine the MRI image?
-Proton density

-T1 and T2 relaxation times

-Macroscopic motion (flow of liquids)

-Microscopic liquids (diffusion)
What do T1 and T2 relaxation times depend on?
-Water content

-Mobility of molecules

-Presence of large molecules

-Presence of paramagnetic molecules

-Temperature and magnetic field intensity
What does echo 1 depend on?

What does echo 2 depend on?
-Only on T2 and TR

-T1, T2, TR and TE
The intensity of a tissue signal (brightness of an image) is?
-Proportional to proton density

-Proportional to T2

-Inversely proportional to T1
T1 relaxation does what?

T2 relaxation does what?
-Restores NMR signal intensity

-Reduces NMR signal intensity
Field fOcused Nuclear mAgnetic Resonance
Contrasting agents

Are what type of molecules?

What effects to they have?

How do areas of accumulated contrasting agents appear on T1 and T2 images?
-Highly paramagnetic molecules

-Shorten relaxation times and enhance contrast

-Brighter on T1 imgages
-Darker on T2 images