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the name given to the people who went to California seeking gold
Winfield Scott
took over command of American troops from Zachary Taylor
Califormia Trail
a trail that branches off the Oregon Trail that settlers used to travel west
Sutter's Fort
A colony near the Sacramento River
Mormon Trail
the route thousands of Mormons took to what is now called Salt Lake City
Santa Fe Trail
-a trail used primarily by profit seeking traders
-ran from Independance Missouri to what is now Santa Fe, New Mexico
Donner party
a group of families who had many members die because they got lost traveling west
Sam Houston
a Texan leader who led the Texans to victory at San Antonio and at the Battle of San Jacinto
Battle of Goliad
Texans were defeated and many of the soilders captured were executed
Mountain Men
fur traders and trappers who traveled to the Rockies and beyond
to take control of
Republic of Texas
the new country that was formed as a result of the Texas Revolution
Battle of San Jacinto
Houston defeated Santa Anna and forced him to sign a treaty recognizing Texas
Treaty ofGuadalupe Hidalgo
much of Mexico's northern territory was ceded as a result of this treaty
agents who received large land grants in reutrn form bringing families to Texas
Oregon Trail
-a trail that many pioneers took west
-began in Independence Missouri
James Polk
11th President of the United States
Mexican Cession
-the size of the United States increased 25 percent
-we paid Mexico 15 million
Marcus and Narcissa Whitman
two missionaries that were amond the first settlers in the Oregon Territory
Gadsden Purchase
for 10 million the United States purchased the southern parts of what is now Arizona and New Mexico
Henry David Thoreau
an antislavery advocate who went to jail rather then paying taxes to support the Mexican War
Joseph Smith
-founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
California Gold Rush
a time period in which large numbers of people went to California seeking gold
a meeting where mountain men and American Indians would meet trappers to sell fur
Brigham Young
a leader of the Mormon Church who decided to move them to what is now known as Utah
the names of the followers of Joseph Smith
settlers of Spanish decent living in what is now southern texas
Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla
led a revolt against the Spainish in Mexico
an old Spanish Mission were Texans heroically fought the Mexans but were eventually defeated
Stephen F. Austin
encouraged Texans to take up arms against Mexico
William Travis and Jim Bowie
led the group of Texans that occupied the Alamo
General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
the Mexican leader
a name givin for American Indians, Mexicans, and former Spanish Colonists who settled the California area
Bear Flag Revolt
settlers in California delcared thier Independance from Mexica
search for gold
Manifest Destiny
the view that the United States had a special mission to expand westward