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What is the minimum number of paragraphs
for a unit of information in naval
1. One
2. Two
3. Three
4. Four
(1) No rule exists about the number of
paragraphs one unit of information should
contain. No matter how many paragraphs you
write, be sure to follow the rules for
organization and continuity.
The CO, OIC, or person acting in either
position is not required to personally sign
which of the following documents?
1. Those which establish policy
2. Those which change policy
3. Ship’s deck log
4. Special liberty chit
(4) The CO, OIC, or person acting in either
position must sign the following documents:
those which establish policy, those which
center on changes to the command’s mission,
and those required by law for regulation such
as the ship’s deck log.
When is the POOW the primary enlisted
assistant to the OOD?
1. At sea
2. In port
3. On watch on the bridge
4. On watch in battle conditions
(2) The POOW is the primary enlisted
assistant to the OOD when the ship is in port.
The POOW assists the OOD in carrying out
the ship’s daily routine and ensuring the
security and safety of the ship.
At times deck logs may be used in which
of the following legal actions?
1. Naval courts
2. Admiralty proceedings
3. Civilian courts
4. All of the above
(4) A ship’s deck log has both historical
importance and legal standing. It may be
used at times in naval, admiralty, and civil
courts. In an incident involving the ship, the
log may be the only available evidence upon
which to base a legal decision.
The overall responsibility for the deck log
belongs to the
1. OOD
4. CDO
(1) The overall responsibility for the deck log
belongs to the OOD. OODs must sign the
deck log at the end of the watch to show relief
of the watch and validity of entries.
In the case of a bomb threat what is the key
to disarming the situation and avoiding
1. Information
2. Knowledge
3. Security force
4. MAA force
(1) In the case of a bomb threat, information
is the key to disarming and avoiding
catastrophe. Information such as who, what,
when, and most certainly, where, should be
When the pistol has a lanyard attached, what
must be done during exchange of the pistol to
the next watch stander?
1. Keep the lanyard around your neck until
your relief has positive control of the pistol
2. Keep the lanyard at your side so it won’t
get in the way
3. Keep the lanyard in your hand that doesn’t
hold the pistol
4. Detach the lanyard from the weapon
during the exchange
1) If the pistol has a lanyard attached to it,
keep the lanyard around your neck until your
relief has positive control of the pistol. Then
remove the lanyard from around your neck
and place it around the neck of your relief.
This effort prevents the pistol from being
dropped and damaged.
Which of the following activities is NOT
considered a special evolution?
1. Weapons handling
2. Refueling
3. Diving operations
4. Mess operations
(4) Special evolutions involve many out of
the routine events that occur aboard ship.
Side boys are NOT paraded during which
of the following times?
1. Between sunset and 0800
2. Meal hours
3. General drills
4. All of the above
(4) Side boys are not paraded on Sunday or
on other days between sunset and 0800 or
during meal hours of the crew, general drills
and evolutions, and periods of regular
overhaul, except in honor of civil officials and
foreign officers.
The heavy weather bill will be placed in
effect if the forecast indicates a hurricane
1. True
2. False
(1) In any periods of actual or forecasted high
winds and seas, hurricanes, or tidal waves, the
heavy weather bill will be in effect.
When handling a thermometer, touching the
lower part of the glass containing the liquid
will not affect the temperature reading.
1. True
2. False
(2) The heat from your body can affect the
height of the liquid column and give an
erroneous temperature reading.
Winds at 39 to 54 miles per hour indicate
what warning condition?
1. Small craft
2. Gale
3. Storm
4. Hurricane
(2) Winds measured at 39 to 54 miles per
hour constitute a gale warning.
As the Petty Officer of the Watch you are
NOT responsible for personnel throwing trash
over the side into the water in your presence.
1. True
2. False
(2) As the POOW, you are responsible for
reporting any kind of pollution.
How many minutes before sunset should the
ship’s anchor lights be tested?
1. 60
2. 30
3. 20
4. 15
(2) To ensure the lights are working properly,
all lights must be checked 30 minutes before
Which of the following factors will determine
if a PO3 is assigned as a section leader?
1. Size of the command
2. Number of personnel assigned to your
duty section
3. Both 1 and 2 above
4. Number of the departments in the
(3) Depending on the size or class of the ship,
you may not be assigned as a section leader
until you become a second class petty officer.
Aboard larger ships with large sections you
may have to wait until you become a first
class petty officer. Therefore, being assigned
as a section leader depends upon the size of
command and number of personnel in your
Which, if any, of the following
responsibilities belong to the police petty
1. Apprehending violators
2. Keeping the quarterdeck clear of
unauthorized personnel
3. Serving as court liaison
4. None of the above
(4) The police petty officer’s duties
encompass areas such as cleanliness of
divisional berthing and stowage areas, holding
reveille, maintaining silence after taps and
maintaining order.
After apprehending members of the opposite
sex, what should be done as soon as possible?
1. Communicate immediately with
headquarters for instructions
2. Request a member of the same sex
to make apprehension
3. Request a member of the same sex
to interrogate
4. Interrogate apprehended member
(1) Any time you apprehend a member of the
opposite sex, communicate immediately with
headquarters for instructions.
Which of the following entities make up a
1. Two or more squads
2. Platoon headquarters
3. Guide
4. All of the above
(4) A platoon consists of two or more squads,
a platoon headquarters, and a guide.
For quick time, at the command MARCH,
step off smartly with the left foot and
continue the march in steps of what length in
1. 25
2. 30
3. 35
4. 40
(2) Quick time is cadence at 120 steps (12,
15, or 30 inches in length) per minute.
As you face a formation, the tallest person
should be in which of the following
1. Middle of the formation
2. On your right
3. On your left
4. End closest to where the inspecting party
will arrive
(3) Usually, the tallest person will be on your
left as you face the formation.
An inspection is more informal than quarters.
1. True
2. False
(2) Quarters is a little more informal than an