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What is the 3 part definition to prime meat?
1.) Abundant marbling
2.) Bright Red Color
3.) With a fine firm texture.
What % of beed in the US is USDA Prime?
What kind of meat does M use?
Only the finest Prime and choice Grain fed beef.
What % of beef in the US is Choice?
What % of a 1000 pound steer qualifies fro purchase by Mortons?

Or, about 30 pound sof the enitre animal.
What are the 4 different type of steer M uses?

Hint ABC H
Who are our meat purveyors?
Allen Brothers

Stockyards packing.
If a guest orders one of htese 3 cuts MW or W, offer to have them butterflied becuase of thier thickness. NFL
New York Strip
Lamb Chops
What is M's beef grain fed or grass fed?
Grain Fed.
Grain fed beef produces a more what?
Marbled beef product.
More marbling =
More flavor and tenderness.
Less marbling =
Choice or lower grade of beef.
Mortons beef is aged for how long?
3 - 4 weeks.
What are the 2 ways to age beef?
Dry age and wet aged.
How is M's beef aged?
Wet aged!
How is M's beed butchered?
By Hand.
B&B = Balck and blue = Whats the temp?
Cold Red Center

Charred on the flat top!
R = Rare Temp. Whats the Temp?
Cold Red Center.
R-CHAR. Whats the Temp.?
Cold Center - Chared on the broiler.
MR = Whats the Temp?
Warm Red Center.
M = Whats the temp?
Warm pink center.
MW = Whats the temp?
Slight Brown to pink center.
W = Whats the temp?
Brown Center, Charred on the outside.
How is M's meat cooked?
What does broiling do?
Self bastes and seals in flavor!
Self bastes =
Flame from above.
Mortons beef is never cooked like this?
Grilled - Flamed form below.
All steaks are seasoned with?
M seasoned salt.
All steaks are topped with ? and garnished with?
Au jus - meat broth

Whats the temp range of M's broiler?
800 - 1000 degrees.
How many, and whats the weight of our lamb chops?
3 Chops per order

6 Oz. each.
Where is the lamb from?
Domestic raised - in Colorado.
The lamb chop is this type of cut?
Double bone - rib cut
The chicken Christopher, how many chicken filets and what is the weight of each?
3 boneless, skinless breasts that are 4 oz. each.
What is the weight of the porterhouse?
24 or 48 oz.s
How thick must the filet be to be a porterhouse?
2 inches across.
If the filet is less than 2 inches across what cut is it?
Where is the porterhouse cut from?
The short loin.
Why is the porterhouse known as the best of both worlds?
Its a combination of NY strip and the filet.
What is the weights available on the filet mignons?
14 oz. and 8.5 oz.
Where is the filet cut from?
The center cut from the tenderloin.
Describe the filet!
Leanest and most tender cut.
What is the grade of the filet?
USDA Choice or better.
What's the weight of the NY Strip?
20 oz.
Describe the NY Strip.
High marbeling gives it an intense flavor.
What cut is the NY Strip?
Cut form the short loin.
Center cut boneless.
Which of our steaks has the highest fat content, and thus is very falvorful and rich tasting?
Ribeye steak.
Whats the weight of the ribeye?
16 oz.
What are the 2 ways to have the ribeye?
Cajun style and broiled.
The cajun style is not blackened! It's?
The cajun ribeye is marinated for up to 60 hours in cajun spices.
What is the weight of the bone in rib eye?
22 - 24oz.
The bone in ribeye is cut form the export rib and it is?
How is the bone in rib eye cooked?
The prime rib is a double cut the approxiamte weight is?
26-28 oz. - Fred Flintsone cut.
What type of beef is M's prime rib?
Prime beef.
How long is the prime rib aged?
21 - 28 days.
How is the prime rib cooked?
Slow roasted to MR ONLY!
Each prime rib roast has how many cuts? And what are they?
7 cuts - 5 center and 2 ends.
Describe the temp. of the end cuts?
The 2 end cuts will be more to the medium temp. with a crispy seasoned outside.
How is the prime rib served? With or W/O a bone?
Served on the bone.
Live Manine Lobsters is a generic term for a lobster which has #1? and it the lobsters might not be from #2?
#1.) large front claws.

#2.) Maine.
Where are M's Lobsters from?
The cold North Atlantic Ocean.

Shipped from New England.
What is the weight of M's Lobsters?
3 - 5 pounds.
Do we have female lobsters?
Yes! But its a limited availability - so check with the chef!
How are M's lobsters cooked?
Baked! ONLY!

At 500 Degrees F. for 12-20 mins. about 5 mins per LB.
How are the lobsters served?
Claws are removed and and the lobster is split down the center from the eyes to the tail!
How is the meat kept moist?
Its brushed with cream and melted butter!
Can the lobsters be shelled (meat removed form the shell)for the guest? and is so whats the rule!
Only upon request and present the lobster to the guest before you shelling.
What are the 2 sizes of M's Lobster tails?
single - 7 to 8 oz.
Jumbo - 12 - 14 oz.
What is added to the tails?
Meat is brushed with clarified butter and srpinkled with paprika.
How are the tails cooked?
They are bakked at 500 degree.

Single 13-14min.s
Jumbo 16-17 mins.
Where are are lobster tials from?
Salmon is delivered fresh - whats the Portion size?
12 oz.
How is the salmon cooked?
Its broiled and served over a white wine butter sauce determined by our chef daily.
Our salmon is what type?
Farm raised Atlantic Salmon.
The salmon is served a diet of wet and dry feed to give it?
Its' flavor and texture.
What is the weight of the Tuna?
6 oz filet.
What kind of tuna is it?
Yellowfin Tuna
Name 3 ways the tuna is used.
In the Tuna tartare appetizer
Sesame encrusted
broiled w/o sesasme seeds
We use colossal shrimp - menaing how many to the pound?
6 to 8 to the pound
Name 2 things that us these shrimp.
The shrimp appetizer and in the shrimp Alexander
What type of Oysters do we use and where are they from?
Blue Point Oysters

From the mid Atlantic.
What are the size of the oysters?
3 - 4 inches
The bluepoint oyseters are shucked fresh per order meaning?
They are served alive.
Where do we get our sea scallops from?
from the George's bank which is 70 mile seast of Cape Cod.
Our scallops have no what in them?
No additives.
The scallop appetizer how many scallops and what else?
3 scallops wrapped in bacon and

served with apricot chutney.
Colossal lump crabmeat comes from where and contains?

Large whole pieces of crab.
2 items on the menu that use crab meatare
Carb appetizer and in our crab cake.
Smoked Pacific salmon has a mild flavor and is from?
Seattle Washington
Whats in the apricot Chutney?
Apricot preserves
Cracked black pepper
Whats in the cocktail sauce?

4 items
Chili Sauce
Lemon Juice
Worcestershire sauce
The apricaot Chutney is served with the?
Scallop appetizer.
What is the cocktail sauce served with?
Shrimp cocktail
Lobster cocktail
Describe a Sabayon sauce.
A slightly sweet, rich, heavy whipped cream
Where is the Sabayon sauce used?
Served with Souffle's and with the fresh berries.
What wine is in the Sabayon sauce?
Marsala wine
what are the ingredients of the Sabayon sauce?

Egg Yolks
Heavy Cream
Marsala wine
Describe a hollandaise sauce?
A rich, creamy yellow colored sauce.
Hollandiase is served with?
Asparagus and with the brocoli.
what are the 8 ingredients in Hollandiase sauce?

Butter, Egg Yolks, Lemon, salt, Tabasco, Water, white pepper, worcestershire sauce.
Bernaise sauce uses what as its base?
Hollandiase sauce.
Bernaise sauce is served with these 2 items.
Filet Mignon andFilet Oscar
Bernaise sauce is hollandaise sauce with what else in it?
its been falvored with a Tarragon reduction.
What else is added to the hollandaise sauce to turn it into a Bernaise sauce? 4
Tarragon Reduction
White Wine
White Wine Vinegar
What is Beurre Blanc Sauce?
White wine butter sauce
Beurre Blanc is served in which item with no changes to it?
Shrimp Alexander
Beuree Blanc is used as base for these two items?
The Salmon and the Chicken Christopher sauces.
What is an Au Poiver Sauce?
Peppercorn sauce base.
What are the 5 peppercorns used in the Au Poiver Sauce?
What are the ingredients of the Au Poiver Sauce?
Onions, & Garlic
Heavy Cream
Demi Glaze
and the 5 peppercorns
Garlic butter is used in what?
Garlic Mashed potatoes!
What are the ingredients of the Diane Sauce?

1. Clarified butter
2. Cognac
3. Demi Glaze
4. Dijon Mustard
5. Garlic
6. Heavy Cream
7. Red wine
8. sliced mushrooms
9. Tomato Paste
10. Worcestershire sauce
Produce is always prepped when?
Daily for the rest.
How many asparagus to the order?
Whats the size of aspargus?
The size of a nickel at the base.
What sauce comes on Aspargus?
What sauce comes on Brocoli?
Brocoli or Aspargus can be served in these 2 ways?
Steamed or al dente
Brocoli heads should look like what?
Compact heads, look like a minature tree, dark green to purple in color, crisp stems.
Idaho Potatoes whats the count size?
40 Ct.
What are the 5 presentstions with Idaho potaotes?
Homemade mashed potaotes
Potato Skins
Lyonnaise potaotes are suateed in?
Bacon fat and onions.
Offer the potato caddy with all potaotes except?
Fresh spinach is served on what items?
Spinach salad

Sauteed as a side dish
Whats in the sauteed side of spinich?
Spinich, mushrooms, with butter and shallots and ajus
Which garnish gets a spinich leaf under it?
Scallop appetizer
Does the Creamed spinach use frozen or fresh spinach?
Frozen chopped leaf spinach
What are the other ingredients in Creamed spinach?
1/2 & 1/2
Fresh Nutmeg,
Mortons seasoned salt
Parmesean Cheese
Troy =
Mushrooms and onions
Name 3 wild mushrooms that M uses?
White mushrooms are used on what dishes?
In fresh salad
Sauteed Mushrooms
spinach and Mushrooms
mushrooms and onions
Our beefsteak tomaotes are what size?
Our beefsteak tomaotes are served at what temperature?
Room Temperature.
Our beefsteak tomaotes are served slaced as a beefsteak tomato salad with 3 possible presentations?
1.) Blue cheese dressing with crumbled blue cheese
2.) Vinaigrette and chopped purple onions
3.) Vinaigrette and chopped purple onions with crumbled blue cheese.
Avocados are served in what items?
Served cubed in spinach
In chopped salads
tuna tartare
Which brand of lemosn do we use?
Sunkist - 165 count to a case
Lemons are used as a garnish for what?
Fish and shell fish
Chicken Christopher
Name 2 lettuce that we use?
Ice berg lettuce
Where are linmes used?
Garnish for various drinks and in the key lime pie.
Where are strawberries used?
Dessert - whole strawberries with sabayin

Garnish on Cheesecake
Where are raspberries used?
Dessert - whole reaspberries with sabayon
As a garnish on raspberry souffle' and on
Mortons Hot Chocolate cake.
Where is iceberg lettuce used?
Used in Mortons and chopped salad.
Where is Romaine lettuce used?
Served in Mortons Caesar and chopped salads.
Romaine is used as a plate liner on these dishes?
Beefsteak tomato salad
Shrimp, lobster, and crab appetizers.
Where is watercress used?
Served as a garnish to beef and lamb entree's
Parsley is served as a garnish two ways! How?
Chopped or whole.
Parsley is served chopped on these items. 4
Filet Diane
Lobster Bisque
Mashed potatoes
Potato skins/baked potato split
Parsley is served whole on these 5 items.
Smoked salmon
shrimp cocktail
fish and lobster entrees
shhrimp Alexander
Chicken christopher
What are the 4 flavors of Souffles?
Grand Marnier
How long to make a souffles?
30 min.s
How are the souffles served?
Served out of the souffle bowl (for one or 2) onto 9 inch plates
What else is offered with the souffle tableside?
Sabayon Sauce
M's Legendary Hot Chocolate cake is served?
hot with a warm liquid center.

Lava Cake
How long does it take to cook a Legendary Hot Chocolate cake?
20 - 30 minutes.
What is served with the Legendary Hot Chocolate cake?
Hagen Daz Vanilla ice cream.
What are the 3 liquors in the Chocolate Velvet Cake?
Meyers Rum
Cherry Brandy
Dark Creme De Cacao
Describe the Chocolate Velvet Cake.
A rich, heavy mousse style chocolate cake with a chocolate cake bottom.
How is the Chocolate Velvet Cake served?
What is offered tableside when serving the Chocolate Velvet Cake?
Fresh Whipped Cream.

Except in the board room where it is preplated.
Whats the crust in the key lime pie?
Graham cracker crust.
How is the key lime pie served?
Whats the garnish for the key lime pie?
Topped with fresh whipped cream and a lime zest.
Describe the Creme Brulee.
Rich and creamy custard made from fresh vanilla beans.
What is the creme brulee topped with?
A carmalized sugar crust.
What 2 fruits are served with dessert?
Fresh Raspberries or Strawberries.
What is served with the fresh fruits on the side?
Served with sabayon on the side.
Our NY Cheesecake. Who makes it and where?
S&S Bakery in the bronx
Whats the garnish for the NY Cheesecake?
One fresh Strawberry.
What 4 flavors of Haagen Daz Ice Cream do we carry?
Chocaolate Chocaolte Chip
Raspberry Sorbet
Dulce De Leche
Bluepoint Oysters on the half shell.
Served on a bed of ice
6 bluepoints shulled to the order
2 packages of saltine crackers
Horseradish & cocktail sauce In silver bullets.
Garnish with 1/2 lemon speared with a fork.
Shrimp Alexander
3 breaded and baked collassal shrimp
served over a white wine butter sauce
Garnish with a lemon half and parsley
3 bacon wrapeed scallops
they are baked
The plate is line with a fresh spinach leaves
Garnish with apricot chutney
Garnish wih 1/2 lemon
Crab Cake
One jumbo lump crab cake baked.
Served on a romaine lettuce leaf.
1 oz. dallop of mustard amyo. sauce.
Garnish with 1/2 lemon and parsley sprig.
Wild Mushrooms 3- kinds in this.
Crimini, Portabello, Shitake mushrooms served in garlic butter.
Served over a crouton.
Grilled Aspargus
6 grilled aspargus spears fanned on the plate.
With a roasted red pepper and Balsamic glaze.
Garnish with 1/2 lemon at the base of the fan.
Tips served toward the guset.
Tuna Tartare.
3 oz. diced yellowfin tuna
2 oz. diced avocados
2 oz. diced roma tomatoes
1 oz. diced Thai Cream sauce
I oz balsamic glaze Roland
1/2 oz alafalfa sprouts
1/8 teaspoon balck seasme seeds
Shrimp Cocktail
4 colossal shrimp
2 oz. pf cocktail sauce
Garnish with parsley and half of lemon speared on cocktail fork.
Crab Meat Cocktail
3 oz. lump crab meat on a romaine lettuce leaf
Garnish with mustard mayoniase in a silver bullet.
Garnish with lemon 1/2 speared on cocktail fork.
Smoked Salmon - Mgr slices at his station.
3 oz. thinly sliced slamon.
Server granishes on the edge of plate with 1 teaspoon each: choped white onions, capers, horseradish, i sprig of parsley.
Also Garnish with 1/2 lemon speared onto cocktail fork.
With smoked salmon what must the server remember to order?
Toast points form the broiler.

Toast points must be served warm.
Mortons Salad.
5 oz. chopped iceberg lettuce.
3 oz. chopped romaine
Tossed with 2 oz. M's blu cheese dressing.
Topped with chopped egg and
Beefsteak Tomato Salad.
1 whole BFSTK Tom. sliced into 4 equal slices.
Served in a whole leaf of roamine lettuce.
What are the 2 possible toppings on the Beefsteak Tomato Salad?
1.) Topped with 2 oz. of vinaigrette dressing and chopped purple onions. OR
2.) 2 oz. M's Blu Cheese dressing and 1 oz. of crumbled blu cheese.
Spinach Salad
3 oz. fresh spinach
1/2 avacado cut into equal cubes
Sliced fresh mushrooms
Tossed in 2 oz. of S&S Dressing
Topped with fresh bacon bits.
Chopped Salad
Chopped Mortons Salad
Tossed with 2 oz. each of:
Artichoke hearts
Chopped Bacon
crumbled blu cheese
Hearts of Palm
purple onion
Tossed in 2 oz. of DIJON Vinagrette.
Caesar Salad
6 oz. chopped romaine lettuce
Tossed in 2 oz. of Mortons Caesar dressing
Topped with 6 Homemade croutons
Topped with grated parmesean cheese.
The Caesar Salad describe the dressing.
an achovey paste based dressing with dominant flavor of garlic and parmesean cheese.
Salads can be split in how many ways?
More than 2 ways.
If shared with more than 2 people then?
place salad in center and serve with chilled 9" plates
For shared chopped salad serve with?
2 soup spoons in the salad.
Extar dressing on the side on any salad is served in a
Filet Mignon
1 TBS of Au Jus
Garnish w. watercress(WC) on the fat cap.
Filet Mignon is served how?
Plate is placed in front of the guest with the WC away and to the left of the guest.
Filet Mignon is served with what sauce?
Bernaise Sauce.
1 TBS of Au Jus
Garnish with WC on the Bone
Porterhouse is served how?
Plate is placed in front of the guest with the filet side of the steak closest to the guest and the WC to the left.
NY Strip
1 TBS of Au Jus
Garnish with WC on the fat cap
NY Strip is served how?
Placed in front of the guset with the WC away and to the left of the guest.
1 TBS of Au Jus
Garnish with WC on the fat cap
Ribeye is served how?
Placed in front of the guset with the WC away and to the left of the guest.
Bone in Ribeye
1 TBS of Au Jus
Garnish with WC on the bone
Bone in ribeye is served how?
Plate is place in front of the guest with the bone away and to the left of the guest.
Prime rib.
2 TBS of Au Jus
Whipped Horseradish in goosneck on the side.
Garnish with WC on the bone.
Prime Rib is served how?
Plate is place in front of the guest with the bone away and to the left of the guest.
Lamb Chops.
Kitchen garnishes plate with baked 1/2 apple filled with mint jelly.
Garnish with WC on the bone next to apple.
Lamb Chops are served?
Plate is palce in fornt of the guset with the WC and the apple away and to the left of the guest.
Chicken Christopher
Served with garlic white wine butter.
Garnish with parsley and lemon half
Served over a white wine butter sauce.


Garnish with lemon half and pasley sprig.
Salmon is served how?
lemon half and parsley sprig are to the left of the guest.
Crab Cakes
3 jumbo lump crab cakes baked
1 1/2 oz. dallop of mustard mayoniase sauce.
Served on a romaine leaf.
Garnish with lemon half and sprig of parsley
Shrimp Alexander
5 breaded and baked colossal shrimp
served with rice and
white wine butter sauce
server garnishes with lemon half and parsley sprig at 12:00
Split down middle claws removed
Baked with drawn butter and a bit of heavy cream
Served ona silver paltter with drawn butter in a monkey dish.
Garnish with lemon half and parsley sprig.
Lobster tails

Jumbo tail served on
12" round with drwan butter in a monkey dish on 6 " plate
Garnish with lemon half and parsley.
Single tail served on
dinner oval with drawn butter in a monkey dish on 6" plate.
Garnish with lemon half and parsley
Jumbo add a tail served on?
dinner oval with drawn butter in a monkey dish on 6" plate.
Garnish with lemon half and parsley
Single add a tail served on
9 inch round with
with drawn butter in a monkey dish on 6" plate.
Garnish with lemon half and parsley
Side dishes
Baked Potato server garnishes with?
chopped parsley.
Server places soup spoon in the potatoes.
Garnish with chopped parsley.
Sauteed with bacon and onions.
Parsley tossed in the potatoes.
server garnishes with chopped parsley.
Hash Browns
No Garnish.
Garnish with chopped parsley.

6 spears
served on aspargus plate
Server offers hollandaise sauce tableside out of a gooseneck.
2 brocolli heads steamed
Server offers hollandaise sauce tableside out of a gooseneck.
Spinach and Mushrooms
No Garnish.
Sauteed Spinach
No Garnish
Sauteed Mushrooms
No Garnish
Creamed Spinach
No Garnish
Server place a soup spoon in the spinach.
Sauteed Onions Or Sauteed Mushrooms w/onions.
No Garnish.
Steak Oskar
8.5 oz. filet sliced in 2 pieces.
Placed upon a toasted crouton.
Topped with lump crabmeat,
fresh aspargus,
then finished with Bearnaise Sauce.
Steak Oskar garnished with
WC behind the filet.
Filet Diane
8.5 oz. filet.
Smoothered with sliced mushrooms
In a mushroom cognac cream sauce.
Filet Diane garnished with
WC and chopped parsley.
Steak Au Poivre
20 oz. NY Strip
Topped with 5 pepercorn cognac cream sauce.
Steak Au Poivre garnished with
WC on the fat side of the steak
Name the 5 peppercorns in the sauce.
Balck, Red, White, Green, Wet Green.