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When was M Founded?
Where is the 1st M?
State Street, Chicago, IL
Who are the 2 co-founders?
Arnold J. Morton
Klaus Fritsch
What is the founding Vision?
To run the best steakhouse in the country!
Who acquired M and when?
Mortons steakhouse acquired by Mortons Restaurant Group, Inc., in 1989
Where is the Headquarters of M?
In Chicago, IL.
Who is the CEO of Mortons?
Tom Baldwin
What are the 2 concepts under the M umbrella?
Bertolinis Rest.s
How many M's worlwide?
How many Bertolinis Worlwide?
Who is the Vice Chairman Of M?
Klaus Fritsch
Who is the president of M?
Edie Ames
Who is the senior VP of Operations of M?
Kevin Weinert
What is the Northbrooks number in the M sequence?
Where does M get their meat from? Note 2 Places
Allen Brothers
What is M's Mission Statement?

Part One:
Our mission at M's of Chicago is to always exceed our guest's expectations.
What is M's Mission Statement?

Part Tow:
As we succeed, we expand our reputation as the world's best steakhouse!
What are M's 4 core values?
1.) We value each other
2.) We will only offer the finest products.
3.) We strive to continually improve.
4.) We expect to be profitable!
What are the 5 things of reporting to work?
1.) Know your schedule.
2.) Clock in in uniform.
3.) Clock-out in uniform.
4.) Leave Immediately after your shift.
5.) All oertime and/or schedule changes need to be approved by Mgt.!
VIP - Guest Program

What is a VIP profile?
* High priority Guests
*They rec. a higher level of recognition from MGT. and staff.
How are VIP's? tracked?
They are tracked through a Co.-wide data base.
What is tracked about our VIP's?
1.)Mgt Notifies when a VIP is expected.
2.) Each visit is recorded - which tracks the VIPs preferences.
3.) The VIP's personal Info. is recorded - ex. B-day, home location.
What are the VIP Bebbies?
1.) VIP Phone # - Only given to VIP's.
2.) Greeted by staff members by name.
3.) VIP Tray.
4.) VIP reservations are ALWAYS accepted!
5.) VIP always gets the next available table when he walks in!
Whats the VIP tray?

Hint: Rem the alphabet! BPRS
Who is offered the VIP tray?
Offered to every VIP and their guests!
What does a VIp get at lunch?
Offered a free dessert!
How does one become a VIP?
Only a manager can sign a guset up for this program!
With the VIp program what should the Staff NOT do?
Don't sell the program. Direct all inquiries by guests to the GM
What is the VIP program goal?
To increase business at all Morton's!
Who is M's CEO?
Tom Baldwin

Owns about 900,000 shares of stock!
Who are the 2 co-founders?
Arnold J. Morton
Klaus Fritch
Whose the Vice Chairman?
Klaus Fritch
Who is M's President?
Edie Ames
Whose the VP of operations?
Mark Leach
Whose the Senior VP of operations?
Kevin Weinert
Whose your regional Mgr.?
Nicole Raftery
Whose our GM in Northbrook?
Tom Lange
Whose the Assistant Mrg in NB?
Josh Neugent
Whose our Head Chef?
Mauricio Guiterrez
Whose the sales and marketing mgr. in NB?

Hint first 4 letters ins marketing + us
Diane Markus
Whose the F&B Controller in NB?
Kerry Montero
What is the address in NB?
699 Skokie Blvd.
What's the phone # to NB?
What day is payday?
every other Friday.
When are schedules posted by?
By Thursday.
What are NB's hours of operation?
Sun. 5 - 10
Mon. - Sat. 5 - 11
The Rest.s back door must be closed at all times excpet when.
Rec. a delivery
Taking out trash
arriving or leaving
In case of robbery do what!
1.) Cooperate,
2.)tell the robber the # of emploees in the rest.
4.) Answer all ?'s honestly!
Observe physical characterisitcs of the robber(s) such as:
Height, weight, hair color
Clothing or unusual characteristics.
Once the robber leaves do what?
Lock the door and phone police!
Once the robber leaves do this also!
Write down all that you remember - W/O discussing this with other employees.
Also if a robbery occurs never discuss what?
Amount of money taken! - This is only discussed with the police.