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como si
as if (needs subj)
a fin de que ...
a que ...
in order that (needs subj)
in order to (needs subj)
a condicio'n de que
on the condition that
(needs subj)
puesto que ...
desde que ...
since / inasmuch as
(1st needs indicative;
2nd can be either)
mientras que
whereas (indic)
ya que ...
ahora que ...
since / now that
(2 phrases that take indic)
because / so that
(1st takes subj or indic;
2nd indic only)
debido a que ...
Debo ir a la oficina.
Debe ser mexicano.
due to the reason that
(takes indic)
I must go to the office.
He must be Mexican.
if (takes either subj or indic)
en cuanto
tan pronto como
luego que
asi' que
as soon as (subj or indic)
(4 diff terms, same meaning)
mientras que
while / as long as (subj or indic)
whereas (indic)
con tal (de) que
provided that (needs subj)
although / even if
(either subj or indic)
a pesar de que
?Cuanto pesa?
Pesa sobre mi corazo'n.
Me pesa mucho.
in spite of that
(either subj or indic)
How much does it weigh?
It weighs on my heart.
It grieves me.
since / as
(either subj or indic)