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The auditory sensory memory is called the

echoic memory
Visual sensory memory is called
iconic memory
The fact that social security numbers, telephone numbers, credit card numbers, and the like are usually grouped into multiple units like 100-99-7896 rather than 1 0 0 9 9 7 8 9 6 is an example of:
Recall of the specific facts, such as those you may have learned in your psychology class, is made possible by your _________ memory.
Another name for photographic memory is ______.
eidetic imagery
I remember my senior prom like it was yesterday, even though it was 23 years ago! I was so embarrassed when my date started dancing. He looked like he was having seizures, and he was wearing sneakers with his suit! At least I can say that I have had an interesting and eventful life! The type of memory that best describes this scenario is _____.
episodic memory
________ is defined as the process by which an individual attempts to make connections between information already stored in long-term memory and information they are trying to memories and learn.
elaborative rehearsal
While out for her morning run, Jennifer sees a hit-and-runn accident. She repeats the license plate number of the car that drove off over and over until she gets home and is able to write it down. Jennifer has used ______ to try to remember the license plate information.

maintenance rehearsal
Suppose you are taking French in college and are having a hard time because you keep thinking of the Spanish words that you learned in high school. This is explained by
proactive interference
Later learning will disrupt the recall of earlier learned material because of __________ interference.
The fact that items from the beginning of a list are remembered more easily than items from the middle or the end of a list is referred to as the:

primacy effect
Memory deficits resulting from some form of brain damage
organic amnesia
A student learns about a concept in General Psychology and decides to try it out. Each day she goes to her classroom when it is empty and spends at least one hour studying for her upcoming exam. She is sure to sit in the seat that she will be in when she takes the exam. She finds that she actually scores higher than any of her previous exams and attributes it to her application of the concept. What concept did this student apply to improve her recollection of exam materials?
state dependent memory
Researchers have found that as we repeatedly expose ourselves to information (such as studying), there are structural changes in the neurons in the brain. This change in the neural structures is known as ________.
Hebb's assemblies
Any condition that energizes and directs an organism's actions is considered
Genetically preprogrammed tendencies to behave in certain ways and in certain situations are known as:
The theory that states that uncomfortable or aversive feelings such as hunger, thirst, and pain cause tension and activate behavior so that we can reduce those negative feelings is called the:
drive-reduction theory
Which concept indicates that expectations are important motivators?
cognitive perspective
The discomfort caused by holding the belief that cheating on exams is wrong, but then doing it anyway, is referred to as ______________ in the textbook.
cognitive dissonance
You see a bear! You determine that this could be a dangerous situation, so you run away because you know you could be hurt. This statement would be supportive of which theory?
Proposes that bodily changes and behavioral reactions precede emotions
James-Lange theory
Proposes that bodily changes, behavioral responses, and emotions occur simultaneously
Canon-Bard theory
The stage of the general adaptation syndrome in which the "fight or flight' response is triggered is called the:
alarm stage
Problem-solving strategy that involves trying possible solutions, one at a time, to see which is correct
trial and error
Problem-solving strategy that uses rule-of-thumb strategies for a quick solution
Lydia is shocked when she hears a classmate exclaim that she loved a particular instructor and thought that they were a wonderful teacher. Lydia has had a class with this instructor and could not disagree more! She just cannot understand why anyone would like that instructor. She decides that the classmate must be dumb or has something wrong with them, and completely dismisses their opinion. This is an example of the concept of:
confirmation bias
Tendency to approach a problem in a predetermined way regardless of the requirements of the specific problem
mental set
Which of the following correctly represents Binet's equation for calculating IQ?
MA/CA x 100
Provides an overall IQ as well as a verbal and performance IQ
Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS)
The ability of a test to measure accurately what it is supposed to measure is called
Who developed an information-processing approach to problem solving and the triarchic theory of successful intelligence?
The average IQ score is thought to be which of the following?
Who developed the theory of Multiple Intelligence, and would make the statement "There is more than one way to be smart"?

_______ means the same as grammar.
Study of meaniing in language