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-Rapid expansion of Paris 647k to 2.2m

-Rejectionof academies (form, style, subject matter), Salonde Paris Exhibition (paid to exhibit > jury = freedom)

-Masstransit (train)/man and machine

-Newnightlife arises in city's (gas lighting) (bohemian lifestyle)

-Trueself > Girl looking at viewer distant vacant sadness almost tears (mirrorbehind her, frame bottom left near wrist)

-Howshe acts > BUT in mirror she is looking at a wealthy man (bending towardshim intimacy) top right

-Newdecadent culture (bohemian lifestyle)

-Wineglass drawing/bottle (someones drinking) frames table

-Women(underwear model taken from ad) table her body, word ‘a hole here’ betweenwhere her legs are represented

-Coverfor poem by Marinetti about the Bulgarian siegeof Adrianople during first Balkan war (just before first world war)



=-VastAdvancements in technology, mass transit, automobiles etc.

-embracing speed technology (Utopian/pro-progress)

-Lessrepresentational (silhouette)

-Rapid expansion of berlin 1.8m in 1880 to 3.4m 1910

-Kirchner starts spending more a lot of time in berlin his work becomesless focussed on nature and less optimistic

-Kirschner was confused about his feelingstoward city life.

-Rejection of tradition. Thickpaint/vibrantcontrasting


-Symbolicmeanings colourBluespiritual yellow gentle red is matter

-Bolshevikidea of the proletarians; run by and for the workers. Not hiding stage workers

-Theformal elements have been broken down and then re-assembled

-geometriclines, patterned and reduced colourpatterns, material qualities of the set and the re-assemblage of the material

-polar opposites reconciled (black white, figure ground, horizontalverticals not joined by representing something)

- Image and text integrated

-combine all arts/interdisciplinary

-constructivist ideas (abstract, pairing back)