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Needle most commonly use


List 3 devices use to draw blood?

Syringe, butterfly, evacuated tubes

What is meant by informed consent

As we greet the patient we need to secure informed consent for the procedure. patient do have the right to refuse

What I say to acceptable position patience can be in for drawing blood

Supine or seated

What is the number one method used to stop the spread of bacteria

Washing your hands

What does it mean to palpate

Using finger to examine by pressing around an area

What are the three sites when drawing blood

Median cubital, cephalic, basilic

What is the name of the area inside the elbow

Antecubital fossa

How far should the tourniquet be tide above the job site

3 to 4 inches


Tourniquet, adapter, needle, tubes needed, alcohol, cotton, tape

List three reasons why micro sampling should be used on an adult

Inability to locate bang, inability to locate sturdy non collapsing bang, inability to use burned scared or sclerosed skin

List three reasons why micro sampling should be done on a child

For children under 2, how much very small vessels, to avoid anemia

Definition of micro sampling

Micro sampling is puncturing the skin to obtain a small amount of blood

What is the proper a site to perform a Heel stick for an infant

The most Medial or lateral portion of the surface of the heel.

When warming the foot what is the appropriate temperature


How long should the heel area be warmed before puncturing

3 to 5 minute

how many times should the lavender to be inverted

20 times

What is this acceptable depth of the Lancet


What is another name for micro sampling


What should be done to the first drop of blood immediately after puncturing

The first drop of blood should be wiped away

What are the sites use to perform finger stick

Heel and fingers