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How many lab sessions are there?
Specifically, what should the output arising from each exercise occupy?
Its own separate worksheet. But sometimes, a particular exercise, say Independent Challenge 2, may call for more than 1 worksheet. In these cases, use more than 1 worksheet for the exercise, but label the worksheets descriptively
If Endependent Challenge 2 asks you to list 5 business uses for Excel in part B, then later asks you to sketch supporting sheets for these activities in part D, and finally asks that you complete one of these in part E, what are some suggestions you could do to complete this
You MIGHT create worksheets with tabs such as "IC2 uses", "IC2 sketches", "IC2 Sheet". You might also create worksheets with tabs such as IC2b, IC2d, IC2e. The former naming scheme is preferred. But in either of these cases, you will end up with more than one worksheet for each exercise in the workbook for this submission.
What should you never do on a spreadsheet
In no case may pointing methods (nor any other of the lab work requirements) be simply hand drawn upon worksheets after the fact
What is the specific way you must print pages?
After creating and naming all the required worksheets of your workbook, you may select them all as a group or apply the following procedure to each of them: In Excel, choose Fil, then Page Setup. On the resulting 4 tab Page Setup dialog bog, click on the third tab, Header/Footer. Then click on Custom Header in the middle of the tab sheet. Place your name in the left section of the header, and the current assignment in the center section of the header (e.g., Excel B). Then place your cursor in the right header section. Click on the sheet tab button (third from the right) just above the header sections. The result should be &[Tab]. Click OK. Click OK. Now the name of your worksheets will appear across the top of each print page, together with your name and the current assignment as required
Does using graphics provide benefits for your lab assignments?
Extra graphics or other adornments are NEVER required on lab assignments, and NEVER earn additional grading consideration. Also students are required to submit the MINIMUM amount of paper in their reports in order to avoid grading penalties.
What are the final steps in the lab process?
Review your output before submitting it; control the manner in which data is broken across pages, etc. Finally, you must staple all your results and present them as a single submission.
What is defective about this conclusion?

I got an understanding of how to do this.
This is defective b/c it is only interesting if it is not true. This statement does not help managers decide how to improve business operations
When should students submit lab assignmnets to receive course credit?
At the start of the lab session it is due
What are some good ideas to do when using a spreadsheet
Using auto shapes with attached text (particularly block arrows) are good for pointing on a spreadsheet. Attaching and printing comments to spreadsheet cells is effective, too. Any of these, together with other methods are acceptable, so long as the pointing method draws attention to a particular area and provides a note of explanation as to why this area is important.
What did students do last semester that we do not have to do this year. As a result, what is our instructor concentrating on instead?
Last semester, our instructor asked students to include objectives which we do not need this semester. Instead, this semester, he is concentrating to pointing to the part of the spreadsheet that supports conclusions.
What should our conclusions be based on?
In the 2 examples, the conclusions had nothing to do with the tool they used. Instead, their conclusions have only to do with managing a business. In the samples, they may have reached similar conclusions using Lotus 1-2-3, Corel Quttro Pro, or only paper and pencil
What defects should students avoid in their laboratory reporting?
Students should distinguish between learning vs. business conclusions. Business conclusions arise from an understanding of the business problem where valuable new information is brought to bear on our framework of important business issues
What is wrong with this defective conclusion?

This chart showed the data best...
This is defective b/c it does not indicate what we learned. Clarity and neatness is always required to business, you do not receive credit for presentation clarity's own sake
What is defective about this conclusion?

As we can see, payroll is the largest expense...
This is defective b/c it is too obvious and trivial. A computer will replace people who make reports like this.
What should submissions consist of?
One or two Independent Challenges and possibly a Visual workshop. This announcement requires you to create two or three named worksheets within an Excel workbook and setup each print page with identifying information. This is a reporting requirement only. That is, nothing in this directive should interfere with the written requirements of each lab exercise. You may think of this a separate assignment for each lab.
What is a suggestion when fulfilling assignments?
Make a second copy for ourself to capture additional insights and recent improvements to help us during our examination review.
What are the sections of each lab session and describe them.
1. Illustrative discussion: follow the instructions as described in the text
2. Concepts Review: answer these questions for your information
3. Skills Review: answer these questions for your information
4. Independent Challenges: see your syllabus for required problems
5. Visual Workshop: see your syllabus for required problems
What must you include with each exercise and what additional stuff should you do.
Include your business conclusion (e.g. Independent challenge, visual workshop) and indicate what particulars in that exercise helps reach that conclusion
When does the instructor acknowledge that there may be improvements that need to be made and why is it important that assignments are completed before the due date?
He acknowledges improvements during lab sessions after the current assignment has already been submitted. It is crucial that assignments are completed prior to their due date because no late assignments are applied toward the 14% of the class grade falling under the syllabus heading: Individual Assignments
Why does the submission pollicy seem to be the best arrangement?
1. Homework should be done at home, not in the lab.

2. Labs will principally address questions and problems arising from the homework; you derive very little value from such a discussionw ithout having attempted the exercise

3. The instructor is interested in our learning process, as well as its outcomes; this subject matter cannot easily be stacked up and crammed into functional knowledge
What are some ways you can include your business conclusion. Provide an example of how you can accomplish this.
You should not that while conclusion can be anywhere on that sheet, the requirement to point to those aspects of the worksheet which support your conclusion requires that you attach information at particular spots, depending on how you have set up the worksheet. You should also note that you are ALWAYS able to rearrange worksheets to better support business decisions. Here is an example: Your conclusion might be: "We can save advertising dollars by purchasing radio, rather than TV time." You may then point to a portion of the spread sheet and note: "By using conditional formatting here, I can focus on either radio or TV advertising because whichever one is better will be made bold with larger fonts."