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What are the elements are admin?
planning, organization, command and control, and communications
What does palnning involve?
Developing a selected course of future action must be balanced and flexible
What does organization involve?
The orderly arrangement of materials and personnel by functions in order to attain the objective of the unit.
WHat does organization establish?
working realtionship among unit personnel; establishes the flow of work; promotes teamwork and identifies the respnsibility authority and accountability of individuals of the unit
What does the accountability refer to?
the obligation of an individual to render an account of the proper discharge of his/her responsibilities.
What is authority?
The power to command enforce laws exact obedience determin or judge
What is delegating?
The assigning of a superiors authority to act to a subordinate authority may be delegated but responsibility may never be
Whatare the principles of organization?
Unity of command span of control and delegation of authority
What is unity of command?
Ensures that a member reports directly to receives orders from only one individual
What does span of control refer to?
To the ideal number of people who can be supervised effectively by one person An immediate supervisor should not be responsible for not less than 3 but not more 7 individuals
When organizing a naval letter what information should you include in the first paragraph?
Purpose of the letter
When reviewing the rough draft of your correspondence for teh first time, which of the following procedures should you follow?
Make brief notes at points where the text can be improved
When writing a naval letter you should ensure it is well organized and orderly. Which method should you not do?
Staing explanations before answers
Before presenting smooth correspondence for signature, you should check for accuracy in which area?
Standard subject id, properly labeled and attached enclosures, correst titles of all addresses
For an idea to gain emphasis within a sentence where should it appear?
At the start or end of the sentence
When assigning precedence to a message, which of the following factors should you consider?
Both-Importance of the subject and desired delivery time
When filing material you should include all of the following?
The incoming document a copy of the outgoing correspondence any essential supporting documents
Our Navy uses a standard filing system for which reason?
Frequent rotation of personnel
Messages addressed to address indicating groups (AIGS) would most likely contain which type of information?
Destructive storm warnings
Who is responsible for the proper addressing of messages?
What is the highest precedence normally authorized for admin messages?
A message is released at 1930 hours greenwich mean time on 2 Jan 1991 What is the correctly stated date time group DTG?
A message readdresssal refers to what kind of message?
One transmitted activity that is not an addressee on the original draft
Who is responsible for teh validation of teh contents of a message?
Unless otherwise diredted all naval message directives are automatically canceled after what max period of time?
90 days
What should be your first concern when drafting correspondence?
What is the purpose of a NAV GRAM?
Urgent comms between DOD addresses
What precedence is identified by the prosign "O"?
Correspondence that is used as informal comm between subordinates within the same activity can be accomplished by using which methods?
From-To memorandum
What series of SSIC is for military personnel?
1000 series
Paragraphs in a naval letter should be short and contain roughly what max number of sentences?