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Chapter 6B #1

The branch of the anatomy that deals with the nervous system and its disorders is known as:
Chapter 6B #2

The nervous system is extremely important because it controls and coordinates the functions of all ______.
all other body systems
Chapter 6B #3

The nervous system is composed of three main divisions which are the ______systems.
cerebro-spinal, peripheral and autonomic
Chapter 6B #4

Which division of the nervous system controls consciousness and all mental activities, controls voluntary functions of the five senses and controls voluntary muscle actions, such as all body movements and facial expressions?
Chapter 6B #5

The system which is made up of the sensory and motor nerve fibers that extend from the brain and spinal cord and which are distributed to all parts of the body is called the ______nervous system.
Chapter 6B #6

The portion of the nervous system that functions without conscious effort and regulates the activities of the smooth muscles, glands, blood vessels and heart is the ________ nervous system.