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1. What is the most valuable resource in the Middle East:
2. What document established British support for the creation of Israel:
Balfour Declaration
3. Why was the nation of Israel created as a homeland for the Jews in Palestine in 1948:
The United Nations voted to recognize the land as a separate Jewish state
4. Why did the oil producing Arab nations in the Middle East proclaim an oil embargo on the
United States:
Massive military aid the U.S. had sent to Israel during the 1973 war
5. What are three consequences of Israel’s “state of military preparedness”:
Required all civilians to participate in military service
Spent a large amount of their budget on the military
Caused wars so they could get the spoils of conflict
6. What are three views of Palestinians living in the occupied territories:
It is a humiliation of race, culture, religion, and land.
The Zionist settlers do not belong.
Israeli occupation causes desperate people to do desperate things.
7. What did Yassir Arafat fight for:
an independent Arab-Palestinian state
8. What did the PLO use as its original means of dealing with the Arab-Israeli situation:
9. U. N. Resolutions 242 tried to do all of the following:
withdraw Israeli troops from occupied areas
10. Why do Islamic fundamentalist terrorists attack the United States:
the United States is an ally of Israel and moderate Arab countries
11. Yassir Arafat displayed what three characteristics?
Wanting Peace
Showing Diplomacy
Using terrorist tactics
12. Palestine
Homeland of the Arabs
Define: 13. Israel
Homeland of the Jews
Define: 14. United States
Country which is involved in the Middle East, even though it is not in the Middle East
Define:15. Six Day War 1967
Six Day War in 1967: War Israel won... Doubled territory of Israel
Define:16. UN Partition Plan
Event considered by the Arabs to be the cause of the first Arab-Israeli War
Define:17. Zionism
Movement to create a homeland for the Jews
Define:18. Nationalism
Excessive pride in a nation
Define:19. Refugee
One who flees or is expelled from their home by force or in order to be safe.
20) Which term describes Jewish people who wanted to establish an independent Jewish state in the
traditional homeland?
What are three things that describe the intended result of the partition of Palestine by the UN in 1947:
Israel would be a sovereign nation.
Palestine would be a sovereign nation.
Jerusalem would be an international city.
22) What are three factors contributed to the creation of the State of Israel in 1948:
effects of the Holocaust.
growing Jewish population in Palestine.
support for Zionism.
23) What issue did the assassinations of Yitzhak Rabin and Anwar Sadat demonstrate?
Some citizens within their own countries did not support compromise.
24) What are three are obstacles to an independent Palestinian state:
status of Jerusalem.
Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza.
US alliance with the Israelis.
25) What are three statements that reflect the Arab-Israeli relationship since 1947:
Israel has defeated Arab countries in numerous wars since gaining its independence.
Despite a difficult history, Israel has a stable peace with several Arab nations today.
U.S. support for Israel has cause anti-American feelings in Arab nations.
26) What did the signing of the Camp David Accords in 1979 by Egypt and Israel indicate?
There were opportunities for peaceful solutions in the Middle East.
29) What are three things that have undermined the Palestinians attempts at peace:
Palestinian Authority and Hamas are competing for political control.
Hezbollah and Hamas are funded by Iran and Syria.
The borders between the West Bank and Gaza are disconnected.
31) Who led the Iranian Revolution?
Ayatollah Khomeini
32) What was the result of the Iranian Revolution of 1979?
the rise of Islamic fundamentalism
33) What do the actions of most Islamic fundamentalists support?
ultra conservative interpretations of the Koran
34) Why did Iranian students take Americans hostage in 1979?
They wanted the Shah sent back to Iran so he could be put on trial.
35) What are three obstacles in establishing a democratic government in Iraq:
relationship between the Sunni and Shi'ite
interference by terrorist organizations
history of authoritarian rule
37) What is most likely to happen to Middle Eastern nations if there is a global reduction in oil dependence?
They would face difficult economic adjustments.
38) For what is the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) best known?
Establishing production quotas to control the price of oil
39) What are three characteristics shared by Judaism and Islam:
They view Abraham as the patriarch
Both view Jerusalem as a holy city
Both trace their historical roots to the Middle East
40) What are three things that continue to fuel terrorism in the Middle East:
the Palestinian effort to establish a homeland
border issues between countries in the Middle East
involvement of Western nations