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Application Title Bar
The bar at the top of the window that displays the name of the application and the minimize, maximize/restore, and close buttons
menu bar
The bar at the top of the window that contains menu options.
A bar that contains buttons for accomplishing commands.
A feature that automatically corrects many common typographical errors.
The key you press to end short lines and paragraphs and create blank lines.
Office Assistant
The help feature that offers help on the task you are performing.
New document
A new blank document.
status bar
The bar at the bottom of the window that displays information about the current document.
Context-sensitive help
Help on the task you are performing provided by the Office Assistant.
word processing program
A program used to create documents such as memos, letters, envelopes, reports, manuals, and so on.
insertion point
The blinking, vertical line that marks the position where a letter is inserted when you press a key.
document title bar
The bar at the top of the document window that displays the document title, and the minimize, maximize/restore and close buttons.
floating palette
A palette of toolbar buttons that "floats" in the window instead of being displayed as a bar that spans the width of the windows.
The automatic spell-checking feature.
scroll bars
The bars on the side or the bottom of the window that enable you to scroll the screen vertically or horizontally.
A feature that automatically completes many common words and phrases as you type.
A feature that automatically wraps text around at the end of the line.
The feature on the ruler or command on the Format menu you use to align text.
The feature that displays the settings for the margins, tabs, and indents.
title bar
The bar at the top of a window that displays the minimize, maximize/restore, and close buttons.
toolbar grip
The vertical lines on the left side of a toolbar that can be used to drag the toolbar to a new location.