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Micrococcus is part of what family and describe it?
Micrococcus is part of the micrococcaceae family and is gram positve aerobic cocci in clusters.There are 3 common species of micrococcus M. luteus, M. roseus & m. Varians harmless.
Which is coagulase positive s.aureus or S. epidermidis?
S. Aureus is coagulase positive all other species of staph are negative.
S. Aureus is causes what kind of infections?
staph aureus cause soft tissue infections as well as TSS
What are the major groups of Staphylococcus?
Staph aureus and staph epidermidis are the two major groups
Staph aureus will turn a blood agar what color?
It produces a beta hemolycis-clearing/ golden and lysis the red cells
Name some of the Staph aureus virulence factors?
s. Aureus pathogenic effects are associated with the toxins it produce, enterotoxin, leukocidin, catalse, hyaluronidase, lipase, nuclease, lactamase, coagulase, staphylokinase.
What does leukocidin do?
Leukocidin ia a toxin which destorys white blood cells and leads to formation of pus and acne
What does catalase do when released by s. aureus?
Catalase breakdown hydrogen peroxide inhibits the killing by the PMN (Neutraphil)
What does Hyaluronidase do when release by S. aureus?
Hyaluronidase breaks down the connective tissue. It is know as the spreading factor.
Coagulase when release by S. aureus has what effect?
Coagulase when release by S. aureus causes clots by the activation of fibrin
What does staphylokinase do when it is release by s.aureus?
Staphylokinase when released by S. aureus breaks down clots by degrading fibrin
Where is S. aureus considered to be normal flora?
S. aureus is considered to be normal flora anterior nares, nasopharynx, perineal area and skin
How is S. aureus spread?
S. aureus is spread from person to person by fomites, air, or unwashed hands of health care workers.
Who is susceptibile to S. aureus?
Newborns, breastfeeding women, people with skin disorders, surgical incisions, weakened immune system or chronic disease, diabetes,, lung disease, diease of veins andarteries and cancer, IV catheters for more than 1 or 2 days.
Staphyloccocci tend to infect the skin where else can they cause problems and how?
Staph can infect skin get into the blood stream and cause problems with the heart-endocarditis, bones osteomyelitis, pneumonia people with chronnic lung disease-opportunistic.
Due to toxins released by staphylococcal what problems can arise?
Due to toxins, it causes food poisoning, toxic shock syndrome, and scalded skin syndrome.
What kind of treatment is given for MRSA?
Currently on Vancomycin nd Imipenem is given for MRSA
What are standard precautions taken to lower the risk of spreading MRSA?
Handwashing, gloving, masking,gowning, appropriate device handling, appropriate handling of laundry.
What is the difference between a vacuale, bulli,pustule, and mascule
The difference is the location Vacuale and bulli are on the surface bulli longer and into other tissue and mascule and pustule are in the dermis
What is a form of staph aureus that children tend to get on their skin?
Impetigo is a common skin disease with children.
What is scalded skin syndrome?
It is a staph infection that produce a exfoliatin toxin that sluffs off the skin and produce bullous lesions where only toxin is found not bugs. It will normally heal without scarring
What are the symptoms of toxic shock syndrome?
Symptoms of TSS are high grad fever, headache, myalagia, hyoptension, rash similiar to scalded skin syndrome, & diarrhea
What causes TSS?
TSS is caused by S. Aureus toxin it is a superantigen causing disease by eliciting production of cytokines from host immune system
Why did super absorbant tampons cause TSS?
The tampons worked like a sponge and gave s. aureus a place to grow and over produce
Food poisoning from staph aureus is caused by what?
Food poisoning is caused by a toxin because food is left at room temperature that should be refrigerated. Symptoms 2- 12 hours after eating.
What is a common cause of death for severe burn victims?
Staphylococcal aureus bacteremia is a common casue of death in burn victims
Name some normal flora of staphyloccoci?
s. epidermidis- lives on skin & mucous membranes, s. hominis- lives around apocrine weat glands, s. capitis- live on scalp, face, external ear, s.saprophyticus-infrequently live on skin, intestine, vagina causes UTI
S. saprophyticus can cause what disease?
S. saprophyticus can cause UTI
What can s. epidermidis cause if vulnerable?
S. epidermidis can cause endocarditis, bacteremis, & UTI
Describe streptococci?
Streptococci is a gram positvie spherical cocci in chains.
What color does strepoccoci turn a blood agar?
Strep alpha will turn it green, a Beta it will be clear and Gamma will not do any thing.
What is used to identify the different types of streptococci?
A blood agar is used to identify good from bad.