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breaks down peroxide into H2O and O2
Catalase reaction with Staph.
Catalase reaction with Strep.
What type of plate is manitol salt agar
selective (contains
NaCl) and differential
(contains mannitol)
What bacteria shows positive reaction to MSA?
S. aureus ferments
mannitol-yellow halo
What staph infection is coagulase positive?
staph aureus
What staph infection in coagulase negative?
staph epi.
blood agar
– enriched media
– fastidious organisms
Beta hemolysis seen on blood agar
– blood cells are
completely destroyed
– S. pyogenes
Alpha hemolysis seen on blood agar
– red blood cells are
partially destroyed
– Medium turns olive
green to brown
– S. pneumonia
Gama hemolysis seen on blood agar
no hemolysis visible
What is a mitus-salivarius medium?
medium used to grow oral cavity strep.
What does mitus salivarius medium contain?
What color will the colonies be on a mitus salivarius medium

mitis will produce pinpoint colonies

salivarius will produce gumdrop colonies
What is chocolate agar?
– cooked blood agar
– enriched media (not
selective or
what bacteria is a chocolate agar used on?
What are the major families of enteric bacteria?
– Salmonella
• typhoid fever
– Shigella
• shigellosis
– Escherichia
• traveler’s diarrhea
Is neisseria oxidase positive or negative?
What is MacConkeys agar used for ?
enteric bacteria
What are the characteristics of MacConkeys agar?
– inhibits growth of Gram
• Bile salts
• Crystal violet
• Differential
– lactose
• Lactose Fermenters
– pink to brick red colonies
What are the characteristics of Eosin-methylene Blue agar?
• Selective
– dyes inhibit Gram (+)
• Differential
– lactose
• Lactose Fermenters
– pigmented colonies
• Non-Fermenters
– colorless colonies
What does EMB agar do to E. coli?
Black colonies eith a green metalic sheen
What is the effect of Ultra-Violet Light to bacteria?
• causes production of thymine dimers
– DNA incapable of base pairing
– prevents transcription of DNA into RNA
• Protein synthesis interrupted = death
• Lethal and non-lethal mutations
What is the wavelength of uv light used to mutate bacteria?
• Wavelength of 265 nanomenters
What type of agar do fungi prefer? And Name
• low pH & high sugar concentration

- Sabouraud’s Dextrose Agar
• Penicillum
• Asexual Reproduction
– conidiospores
– Asexual reproduction
• conidiospores
Basidiomycota (Club Fungi)
• Mushrooms
• Asexual spores
– Conidiospores
• Coprinus
• Sexual spores
– Basidiospores
Zygomycota (bread mold)
• FamilyRhizopus
– conjugation fungi
• Asexual reproduction
– sporangiosporess
• Asexual reproduction
– sporangiosphores
Ascomycota (sac fungi)
• Ascospores
– 8 in ascus