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Is streptococcus phyogenes alpha or beta hemolytic?
What is Bengue Fever also known as?
Break-bone fever because of severe bone and joint pain
What are the symptoms of dengue fever?
high fever, headache, no appetite, nausea, weakness, and rash
How is dengue fever spread?
A mosquito carrying the flavivirus or arbovirus. There are 4 types known
What does a tiger mosquito spread?
Aedes Aegypti or Aedes Albopictus. Brought it to U.S.
Who studied Yellow Fever and where were they?
Carlos Finlay and Walter Reed in the early 1900s near the Panama Canal construction
What is the vector and resevoir of yellow fever?
vector = insects carrying flavivurs and aedes aegypti
reservoir = monkeys in tropical areas
What are the symptoms of yellow fever?
fever, nausea, liver damage (jaundice)
Who developed a vaccine for yellow fever?
Max Theiller
What is the shape of Ebola?
Filamentous filovirus with a variable shape
What does Ebola cause?
hemorrhagic fever with a mortality rate
In Zaire what was the mortality rate of ebola in 1976? 1995?
1976 there was a 88% mortality rate
1995 150 of 200 cases died
How is Ebola transmitted?
person to person
Where was the Margburg wirus first seen?
What does Marburg virus cause?
Its a filovirus that causes hemorrhages
Who carries Marburg virus?
What carries the Phlebovirus?
Sand fly - phlebotomus
Where is Rift Valley Fever found?
What is Lassa Fever?
hemorrhagic arenavirus
True or False
Colorado Tick Fever is a systemic virus?
Erythrovirus causes a...
...aplastic crisis
What is 5th's Disease?
Fatal Anemia - erythema infectiosum
Coxsacie virus has affinity for what?
the heart -- pericardium and myocardium
known as the Devil's Grip
What is Bolivian Hemorrhagic Fever?
A systemic arenavirus found in humans in Africa and South America
What was the old name for Streptococcus Pneumoniae
Diplococcus pneumoniae