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Human Resource Management

Set of organizational activities directed at attracting, developing, and maintaining an effective workforce.

Job Analysis

Systematic Analysis of jobs within an organization

Job Description

description of the duties and responsibilities of a job, its working conditions and the tools, materials, equipment and information used to perform it.

Job Specifications

Description of the skills, abilities and other credentials and qualifications used by a job

Replacement Chart

List of each management, who occupies it, how long that person will likely stay in the job and who is qualified as a replacement

Employee Information System (Skills Inventory)

computerized system containing information on each employee's education, skills, work experiences, and career aspirations


Process of attracting qualified personas to apply for jobs an organization is seeking to fill.

Internal Recruiting

considering present employees as candidates for openeing

External recruiting

Attracting persons outside the organization to apply for jobs


training, sometimes informal, conducted while an employee is at


Training conducted in a controlled environment away from the work site

Vestibule Training

off-the-job- training conducted in a simulated enviorment

Performance appraisal

Evaluation of an employee's job performance in order to determine the degree to which the employee is performing effectivly

compensation system

total package of rewards that organizations provide individuals in return for their labor


compensation in the form of money for time worked


compensation in the form of money paid for discharging the responsibilities of a job

incentive programs

special compensation program designed to motivate high performance


individual performance incentive in the form of a special payment made over and above the employees salary

merit salary system

individual incentive linking compensation to performance in non sales jobs

Pay for performance (variable pay)

individual incentive that rewards a manager for especially productive output

profit-sharing plan

incentive plan for distributing bonuses to employees when company profits rise above a certain level

gainsharing plan

incentive plan that rewards groups for productivity improvements

pay-for-knowledge plan

incentive plan to encourage employees to learn new skills or become proficient at different jobs


compensation other than wages and salaries

workers comp insurance

legally required insurance for compensating workers injured on the job

cafeteria benefits plan

benefit plan that sets limits on benefits per employee, each whom may choose from a variety of alternative benefits

equal employment opp.

legally-mandated nondiscrimination in employment on the basis of race, sex, creed, sexual orientation, national origin

protected class

set of individuals who by nature of one or more common characteristics is protected under the law from discrimination on the basis of that chacteristic

equal employment opportunity commission (eeoc)

federal agency enforcing several discrimination related laws

affirmative action plan

written statement of how the organization intends to actively recruit, hire and develop members of relevant protected classes


federal law setting and enforcing guidelines for protecting workers from unsafe conditions and potential health hazards in the workplace

sexual harrassment

making unwelcome sexual advances in the work place

Quid Pro Quo harrassment

form of sexual harassment in which sexual favors are requested in return for job-related benefits

Hostile work enviorment

form of sexual harassment deriving from off color jokes, lewd comments and so forth

employment at will

principal increasingly modified by legislation and judicial descion, that organizations should be able to retain or dismiss employees at their discretion

workforce diversity

the range of workers attitudes, values, beliefs and behaviors that differ by gender, race, age, ethnicity, physical disability and other relevant characteristics

knowledge worker

employees who are of value because of the knowledge they possess

contingent worker

employee hired on something other than a full-time basis to supplement an organizations permanent workforce

labor unions

group of individuals working together to achieve shared job-related goals such as higher pay, shorter working hours, more job security, greater benefits, or better working conditions

Labor relations

process of dealing with employees who are represented by a union

collective bargaining

process by which labor and management negotiate conditions of employment for union represented workers

cost of living adjustment (COLA)

labor contract clause tying future raises to change in consumer purchasing power

wage reopener clause

clause allowing wage rates to be renegotiated during the life of a labor contract