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The system of rules that governs the ordering of values.

Aim of Ethics

Is to identify both the rules that should govern peoples behavior and the goods that are worth seeking.

Ethical Decisions are guided by what?

By the underlying values of the indiviudal.

What are values?

Principles of conduct such as caring, being honest, keeping promises, pursuing excellence, showing loyalty, being fair, acting with integrity, respecting others, and being a repsonsible citizen.

An ethical issue

A situation, problem or opportunity in which an individual must choose among several actions that must be evaluated as morally right or wrong.

Business ethics

comprises the moral principles and standards that guide behavior in the world of business.

Moral philosophy

the principles, rules, and value people use in deciding what is right or wrong.

3 Ethical Systems





The ethical system that all people should uphold certain values that society needs to function.

Examples of universal values

They transcend all societies. Rules against mlurder, deceit, torture, and oppression.

Caux Principles, 2 basic prinicples that underpin this.

Kyosei (living and working together) and human dignity. Established by international executives in Caux Switzerland in collaboration with business leaders from Japan Europe and the US.


An ethical system defining acceptable behavioras that which maximizes consiequences for the individual.


An ethical system stating that the greatest good for the greatest number should be the orverriding concern of decision makers.


Philosophy that bases ethical behavior on the opinions and behaviors of relevant other people.

Acknowledges the the existence of different ethical viewpoints.

Virtue Ethics

Classification of people based on their level of moral judgement. Perspective that what is mroal comes from what a mture person with good moral charcter woud deem right.

Kohlbergs model of cognitive oral development

Perspective that what is moral comes from what a mature person with good moral character would deem right.

3 stages of Kohbergs model of cognitive development

preconventional stage,

conventional stage,

principled stage.

Preconventonal stage

makes decisions based on rewards and punishments and immediate self-interest

conventional stage

confor to the expectations of ethical behavior held by gorups or institutions such as society, family, or peers.

principled sate

see beyond authority, laws and norms and follow their self-chosen ethical prinicples.

Moral Individuals transcend rules by

Applying their personal values for faith, honesty, and integrity.